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    Vintage armchair Krieger

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    Description - Vintage armchair Krieger

    An armchair with excellent leather

    Entirely upholstered in full grain leather, The Krieger armchair has an evident sober vintage look that adds elegance to any living room décor.

    The unique aesthetic of the armchair is inherently vintage in nature due to its beautiful reddish leather upholstery. The seams of the armchair are quite large and are made of the same leather that covers the entire armchair. The actual color of the sofa is mocha, a brown tone with a reddish-orange overtone.

    The seating surface of the armchair is quite deep just as the armrests, which are filled with ample padding. The padding is actually a mousse which offers an excellent level of comfort. The mousse itself has a density of (25kgs/m3). The height of the armrests are an ideal height for your arms.

    The attention to detail is seen through the leather, the patinated leather has been superbly distressed and oxidized to create the beautiful colored leather which adorns the armchair.

    The armchair stands on particularly small varnished wooden feet that keeps the armchair suspended from the floor. The detail and quality of this armchair make it a beautiful investment that is sure to last.

    • Vintage armchair Krieger
    • An armchair with excellent leather
    • Entirely upholstered in full grain leather
    • Miniature Vintage armchair Krieger 1
    • Miniature Vintage armchair Krieger 2
    • Miniature Vintage armchair Krieger 3
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    Characteristics - Vintage armchair Krieger

    • Colour shades

      • Oxide red #RAL. 3009

      • Cored #RAL. 3016

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    • Materials Details

      • Full grain leather

      • Cowhide leather

      • Enhanced seating comfort

      • High-quality materials

      • Dense inner padding

    • Weight

      • 47.00 kg
    • Product Dimensions Vintage armchair Krieger
      • a. 65 cm
      • b. 100 cm
      • c. 120 cm
      • d. 25 cm
      • e. 60 cm
      • f. 74 cm
      • g. 35 cm

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