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    Description - Delray Storage

    A little storage box with a retro style.

    The Delray storage box is a small piece of furniture that will help you organise all your essential documents, while bringing a touch of retro style to your room.

    Designed entirely of metal, the Delray storage box comes in a beautiful pale green colour. It is handmade and is created in an industrial vintage style. It is made up of 4 drawers and each drawer has a handle that has place for a label which means you can make this small cabinet personal to you.

    The Delray storage box is made to be placed on your desk, on a shelf or on a console. It will provide an excellent storage solution allowing you to organise your documents that have accumulated over time. At the same time, this item is a beautifully decorated piece to add to the interior of your home.

    • Delray Storage
    • A little storage box with a retro style.
    • The Delray storage box is a small piece of furniture that will help you organise all your essential
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    Characteristics - Delray Storage

    • Colour shades

      • Pastel green #RAL. 6019

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    • Materials Details

      • Hand polished patina finish

      • 100% metal product

      • Patina finish

    • Weight

      • 4.03 kg
    • Product Dimensions Delray Storage
      • a. 32 cm
      • b. 4 cm
      • c. 8 cm
      • d. 38 cm
      • e. 9 cm
      • f. 25 cm
      • g. 33 cm

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    About - Delray Storage

    • 'High Tech', The revival of the Loft style of the 80s, industrial 'high tech' style

      The trend of industrial high tech deco style overflows the New York lofts of the 80s. This style spreads massively through the new use of old workshop furniture. Because of the flourishing of the 'high tech deco' contemporary furniture adapts the characteristics of the industrial style. For example cast iron, riveted sheet metal, and patina. Furthermore industrial furniture is used with a modern finish and color is often added, this makes a difference to the original industrial furniture. .

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