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    Minoterie small cabinet

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    Description - Minoterie small cabinet

    Metal and 50s look. 3 colours available.

    At the end of your sofa or as a side table, this small Minoterie cabinet contributes to the character of your room by bringing a touch of colour.

    It brilliantly combines two styles for a successful result: on one side, it has a line reminiscent of the 50s with rounded corners, as well as a small spherical brass handle and base, designed with finesse. On the other,100% slightly patinated metal design, using grid panels that clearly show the vintage touch from the industrial world.

    Aside from its aesthetics, you'll enjoy the practical side of the screen door that hints at the shape of objects behind the door, while giving the impression that everything is in place.

    To maximize storage and facilitate ordering, the small Minoterie cabinet has a horizontal shelf halfway up.

    Also available in black (like the TV cabinet and the standard cabinet) and with blue patina look.
    • Minoterie small cabinet
    • Metal and 50s look. 3 colours available.
    • At the end of your sofa or as a side table
    • Miniature Minoterie small cabinet 1
    • Miniature Minoterie small cabinet 2
    • Miniature Minoterie small cabinet 3

    Characteristics - Minoterie small cabinet

    • Colour shades

      • Pearl beige #RAL. 1035

      • Pearl gold #RAL. 1036

      • Grey brown #RAL. 8019

      • Signal red #RAL. 3001

      • Jet black #RAL. 9005

      We use RAL colours to show one or more coloured dots on a product.

      The screen can sometimes obscure the colour of a RAL dot and the colour can be misleading. You should use a colour chart.

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    • Materials Details

      • Multi-purpose

      • 100% metal product

      • Patina finish

      • Elements of brass

    • Weight

      • 10.00 kg
    • Product Dimensions Minoterie small cabinet
      • a. 41.5 cm
      • b. 39 cm
      • c. 44 cm
      • d. 9.5 cm
      • e. 35.5 cm
      • f. 30 cm

    Other finishes - Minoterie small cabinet

    This product also exists with other finishes

      • Small black cabinet Minoterie
      • Small black cabinet Minoterie

        £ 185 £ 160

        Small black cabinet Minoterie

      • In stock, Ready for dispatch on Friday 24 February 2017

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    Client's advice - Minoterie small cabinet

    Client feedbacks

    • From corinne

      on 06/02/2017

      "Exactly what we wanted"

    • From Virginie

      on 20/12/2015

      "Nice product! Although I'm a maniac I find little to complain about!"

    • From jean-marc

      on 26/12/2014

      "Beautiful design, integrates well with all furniture"

    About - Minoterie small cabinet

    • 'High Tech', The revival of the Loft style of the 80s, industrial 'high tech' style

      The trend of industrial high tech deco style overflows the New York lofts of the 80s. This style spreads massively through the new use of old workshop furniture. Because of the flourishing of the 'high tech deco' contemporary furniture adapts the characteristics of the industrial style. For example cast iron, riveted sheet metal, and patina. Furthermore industrial furniture is used with a modern finish and color is often added, this makes a difference to the original industrial furniture. .

    • The selection of PIB

      Since 2010 PIB works together with suppliers with verified product quality. After sorting out the best products all of them fulfill our criteria's: Style, quality and timelessness. We observe the newest trends so that our style of decoration is always up to date. We combine the newest trends with the flair of the 20th century which makes our products timeless. Only suppliers which fulfill the criteria of style, esthetic and quality are being used for the production of our products.

    Mix and Match - Minoterie small cabinet

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