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Cozy: cozy shabby chic decor is obtained with the astute use of green


Living room's cosy country style decoration

The living room is the room of gathering for privileged and intimate moments, essentially in a country style house.

In order to do so, a cosy decoration and an ideal selection of former and recent furnitureune deco cosy et une bonne sélection d'objets et de meubles d'hier et d'aujourd'hui, will be a good choice for one's home improvement.

In a country style interior, the living room needs the presence of noble and robust materials as much as cheerful and hearty furniture.

The woodwork have an ancient aspect, the fireplace face the comfi armchair, the ground is warmed by carpets; a whole lot of ideas of cosy decoration adapted to the will of cocooning.

A staging of unusual objects of different style and period confers a curiosity touch to the living room.

The hue of the walls have no limit next to the walls designed with rough stone intensifying the power of the stone.

Using the cosy decoration

A yesteryear decoration is relevant for the cosy decoration of a living room.et se traduit par de nombreux éléments.

The beige and the taupe are perfect for a sophisticated and simple decor, combined with textiles with ethnic patterns.

Colors such as green or pastel blue, are true imprints of a classic and romantic interior and would fit perfectly with liberty armchairs so as furniture with sophisticated ornaments.

The furniture inspired by the XVIIIth century, such as medallion armchairs fit perfectly in a living room with ancient parquet designed with patined woodwork.

The cosy decoration of a living room is obtained thanks to a judicious placement of greenery, that will give rythm to wooden furniture and give some fresh air to your interior.

An alchemy appears between all these elements when their use is well-thought and adapted to each interior.

The cosy decoration leads us to a hearty and lively atmosphere, thanks to furniture full of history and originality.

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