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Miniature Weissmuller Cast Hanging Light ClippedWeissmuller Cast Hanging Light€115€92 (-20%)
Beautiful retro lamp between green and grey.
The style is reminiscent of military ships.
The suspension has a window that softens the light.

Weissmuller Cast Hanging Light

€115 €92 (-20%)

In stock, Ready for dispatch on Monday 02 March 2020

A retro lamp with maritime origins

The Weissmuller hanging light is a lighting fixture that will add an industrial touch to your interior.

Beautiful retro lamp between green and grey.

Careful finishing and 100% metal design for a suspension with a very simple design

Made entirely out of metal, this hanging light also has a piece of glass which covers the bottom of the lampshade that diffuses the light. This glass covering can be easily removed when needing to replace the light bulb. The top part of the lamp is connected to an arm through which the electrical cord travels. The cord is 100cm long and covered by a black fabric that has been braided.

Product Dimensions Weissmuller Cast Hanging Light
  • a. 100 cm
  • b. 6 cm
  • c. 2.5 cm
  • d. 9 cm
  • e. 17 cm
  • f. 3 cm
  • g. 12.8 cm
  • h. 20 cm

Weight and Dimensions

  • 1,30 kg
  • 19,00 x 26,00 x 19,00 cm (Length x Height x Width)

Material Details

  • 100% metal product
  • Adjustable height
  • Matte finish
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