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    Material Details Bistro screw-based wall lamp
    Bistro screw-based wall lamp Clipped

    Bistro screw-based wall lamp

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    • In stock, Ready for dispatch on Tuesday 17 July 2018

    Description - Bistro screw-based wall lamp

    Small lamp with vintage industrial flair

    This wall lamp is definite industrial lighting with its fine silver finish and power cord sheathed in a metal braid. It can easily be adjusted from left to right and front to back.

    Entirely made of silver-plated brass.

    Lamp power: up to 25 Watts. The brightness of a traditional light bulb of more than 100 Watts if you use a low-energy light bulb. Screws and raw plugs supplied.

    The Bistro wall lamp is also available as a halogen bulb version. Contact us to check availability.

    The product has an E-14 socket and an IP-20 protection rating. Suitable for indoor use only.
    • Bistro screw-based wall lamp
    • Small lamp with vintage industrial flair
    • This wall lamp is definite industrial lighting with its fine silver finish and power cord sheathed
    • Miniature Bistro screw-based wall lamp 1
    • Miniature Bistro screw-based wall lamp 2
    • Miniature Bistro screw-based wall lamp 3

    Characteristics - Bistro screw-based wall lamp

    • Colour shades

      These colours are not an option; they specify the different official RAL colours present in the product.

      • Pearl light grey #RAL. 9022

      • Pearl dark grey #RAL. 9023

    • Material Details

      • 100% metal product

      • Silver finish

      • Elements of brass

      • Silver plated

      Product Classification

    • Weight and Dimensions

      • 0,60 kg
      • 11,00 x 11,00 x 20,00 cm(Length x Height x Width)Dimension details listed below
    • Product Dimensions Bistro screw-based wall lamp
      • a. 20 cm
      • b. 12.5 cm
      • c. 10.5 cm
      • d. 11 cm
      • e. 5 cm
      • f. 7 cm
      • g. 11 cm

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    Client's advice - Bistro screw-based wall lamp

    Our client photos

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    • Beautiful lamps !!!!!
    • Two Bistrot screw-based wall lamps that diffuse a pretty light on the colourful wall
    • Super happy with these lights of very good quality!
    • Very nice bistro lamps, beautiful patina and good quality products that reaches its purpose.
    • Beautiful lamp that harmonises nicely with the spirit of the house.

    Client feedbacks

    • on 24/11/2017

      "Beautiful product that compliments both a bed and a kitchen wall, is sober and serious"

    • on 15/11/2017

      "Robust, practical and beautiful, these bistro lamps are really lovely!"

    • on 08/11/2017

      "Beautiful product, as usual, but the sheath decorating the power cord is very fragile (I damaged one by installing it to my first wall), and the electrical connection system is very bulky: unless you have a big hole in your wall, you are forced to make one. "

    • on 31/08/2017

      "Very beautiful"

    • on 19/08/2017

      "Quality product, perfectly integrating in an industrial environment."

    • on 09/07/2017

      "Quality product, high quality finishing"

    • on 16/02/2017

      "Very nice product"

    • on 22/12/2016

      "Good quality product, robust and very nice to look at."

    • on 14/12/2016

      "Excellent quality"

    • on 07/10/2016

      "Very nice product"

    • on 25/08/2016

      "Very nice quality Aesthetics faithful to the photo Beautiful finish"

    • on 14/08/2016

      "Unique product. Good value for money"

    • on 11/08/2016

      "Beautiful lamp which has its effect"

    • on 06/07/2016

      "Product with quality"

    • on 22/05/2016

      "Good product and very aesthetic, in accordance with the photos"

    • on 01/04/2016

      "Corresponds to my expectation"

    • on 10/03/2016

      "Good quality"

    • on 10/03/2016

      I'm super happy with my order, thanks!

    • on 25/12/2015

      "Beautiful wall lamp with charme"

    • on 24/12/2015


    • on 16/12/2015

      Excellent product, high quality and great design.

    • on 07/12/2015

      "I have installed 2 wall lamps but I have not used them yet because it's in the countryside house...so I presume 5 stars"

    • on 29/09/2015

      "Very nice product, great finish. Not yet installed but ready to be .. I hope it won't deduct the number of stars I gave this product!"

    • on 28/08/2015

      "Very nice design, product according to our expectations"

    • on 09/08/2015

      "Good product that corresponds to description. Good quality"

    • on 03/08/2015

      "very good quality"

    • on 09/04/2015

      "Good quality"

    • on 02/04/2015

      "Nice product but not obvious how to install considering the small size of its base + assembly instruction not translated in English"

    • on 12/11/2014

      "Product according to description"

    • on 12/11/2014

      "Very beautiful and very good quality!"

    About - Bistro screw-based wall lamp

    • Industrial style of the 20s and 30s

      Industrial style of the 20s and 30s

    • The selection of PIB

      The selection of PIB

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