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Cottage furniture - rustic and shabby chic design


If you are looking for an interior that is comfortable, cosy and authentic, look no further than cottage furniture!

Cottage furniture stands for comfort, cosiness, authenticity, and charming imperfections. This home furniture style convinces with its astonishing fusion of different interior design families. Cottage furniture can be integrated in any room, from hallway to bathroom, and works with several kinds of interior designs. It comes as anything from accessories to shabby chic wardrobe, and can easily act as your fashion statement at home. Impress your guests, but, most importantly, impress yourself!

Cottage furniture to create a shabby chic interior design

What is it?

The furnishing style achieved with cottage furniture is not only an approach to decorating but also an attitude of mind. This decorative style is beautifully imperfect as it celebrates these blemishes. Furthermore, cottage furniture praises everyday treasures and displays a charming fusion of different furniture families. Cottages, in general, have the tendency to appear humble, full of heart, and unassuming. If you are looking for a casual, comfortable and individual home design, look no further. Cottage furniture represents the way we actually live. You find forgiving fabrics, comfortable, "put your feet up" furniture, and tons of freedom for individual expression, which reflects the way we view decoration nowadays. If shiny surfaces do not excite you and straw hats warm up your heart, go for cottage furniture!

Where and how to use cottage furniture

Cottage furniture is possible in every room of your home and in many types of interior designs. The cottage style furniture can, depending on the type, add storage space and, undoubtedly, develops an atypical, unique look. Old counters and consoles, for instance, can be used as occasional furniture between the kitchen and the living room functioning as storage or display objects, which add their country style touch to your interior. To perfect a kitchen's decoration, the cutlery and small objects can be stored in a wooden shabby chic sideboard or a chest of drawer, offering much space and originality. In bedrooms, cottage furniture has an even larger comfort focus. Take the cosiness to another level with the charm of a rustic chic armchair!

Shabby chic furniture, creating a vintage design inspired form a rustic decoration

Cottage furniture as storage furniture"

Shelves, cupboards, chests, consoles - cottage furniture offers all the storage categories of home furniture. For instance, a shabby chic console table in country style can easily fit in an authentic interior. It is practical and full of charm. Reminiscent of old shop counters, it offers all the storage space one dreams of with the charm of reclaimed wood and a beautiful patina. Why not place a practical basket rack in your kitchen for all the fruits and veggies that don't go into the fridge? The possibilities are endless. You can be assured to find storage home furniture in the beautifully imperfect cottage style.

Home furniture as a fashion statement

The style in your interior represents your taste and individuality. Home furniture for your house is like clothing for your body. You present, intentionally or unintentionally, a part of you - your creativity, style, and preferences. If you stand for comfortable, casual, and individual home furniture and design, opt for the cottage style. It offers many possibilities in terms of combinations and looks. Most home furniture objects in the cottage style are unique solely due to their blemishes. Don't be shy. Go ahead and mix and match different cottage furniture and make that fashion statement by creating your very own home furniture look! Let us inspire you with our fine selection of cottage style furniture.

Country style, shabby decoration for a cosy home

Make all your guests feel at home

Because country style, cottage furniture, and shabby chic rustic furniture stand for cosiness, comfort and charm, it is the best interior to make your friends and family feel at home. The bright and soft pastel base colours are easy on the eye and will certainly scare no one away. The blemishes reflect imperfections in us and makes us appear more humane. They also have the advantageous side effect of diminishing the overcaution of guests in fear of breaking anything, and hence make them feel more at ease. Playful accessories round up your country style interior and make your guests not only feel at home but also wish they were at home!

Ways to create a country style in your interior

There are several ways to integrate or create country style in your home. For a gentle patina look without crossing the line to looking too "shabby", try combining distressed pieces with newer furniture. The new furniture should have simple and soft colours. This way, your shabby chic furniture stand out, perfectly rounded up by the other newer objects. If you are a fan of bold colour, don't hold back, though! You can bring in strong shades but limit them to accessories and small furniture pieces. When choosing your pastels, make sure you don't integrate too many; stick to one or two colours to ensure the gentleness country style stands for. Harmonise the paints with soft and clean cottage style colours, such as ivory, white, and cream.

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