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Trend: Rustic oak furniture in your interior

Article published on 16/01/2022

The decoration trends of this year are based on natural colour tones, combined with rustic oak furniture.

A new year begins, and 2022 starts with new interior design trends. The trend this year stimulates the combination of modern and traditional styles to create a look that will surprise all guests. The decoration trends of this year are based on natural tones, combined with rustic oak furniture. Are you curious about the trends that go along with rustic oak furniture? Or do you want a fresh new look for your home in combination with your rustic oak furniture, then this article is just what you need!

Timeless elegance with rustic oak furniture

Rustic oak furniture throughout the years

As a material to manufacture wood furniture oak wood has quite a humble beginning, its first use was seen during the middle ages in England for practical pieces of furniture such as tables and chairs. Because a large part of the population was poor, the furniture was made inexpensive and functional and it only received a necessary treatment with varnish. Eventually the demand for oak furniture increased because of the rise of the middle class, which were particularly looking for high-quality furniture. The trend changed and the versatility of oak wood was discovered. Rustic oak furniture started to be designed with more decorative touches and beautiful finishes. Rustic oak furniture has retained their status over centuries: Sustainable furniture of a high quality to impress in every interior.

Why rustic oak furniture never goes out of fashion

Oak wood has been used for centuries to create furniture. Although trends and the functions of furniture pieces have changed, it turns out that oak wood is still incredibly popular. Sustainability still predominates in all house decorating trends, just like quality and authenticity. This is why oak wood remains a known material for rustic furniture pieces.

The power of Rustic Oak Furniture

Functionality of Rustic Oak Furniture

An important aspect of an interior is the presence of functional and interesting furniture pieces. In a modern house, there is almost no room for unnecessary items. Functionality is a significant aspect. Oak wood is very firm and ensures a sustainable purchase which will provide you with years of enjoyment. Rustic oak furniture pieces are very functional and they are resistant to heavy weight. Some materials tend to lose their firmness over time, but oak furniture will surely last for years.

Maintenance of Rustic Oak furniture

A wooden piece of furniture is a wonderful eye-catcher in an Interior. However, over time the glory of the wood will diminish. Maintenance of rustic oak furniture can be a discouraging task, but with the right directions everything will be clear. The following tips are sure to be useful in order to keep your rustic oak furniture nice and solid for many years. First of all, it is important to dry the wood immediately if it becomes wet. If you let it moisturize, it can penetrate into the wood and can lead to unpleasant consequences. Does your oak wood furniture looks dry, rough or cracked, then it's time for a renovation with the accurate wood oil. A good wood oil is essential for protection against dirt and humidity and gives back his beautiful natural colour and look.

A second life for your rustic oak furniture

An easy way to refurbish your old furniture, is to repaint them. Paint the piece of furniture in a lighter or darker shade, or go crazy and cover it in a bright colour! This is a low cost solution to give your interior a new and colourful twist in the colour trends of the moment. One of the trends that is used in rustic oak furniture is giving a countryside effect with chalk wax. This gives the piece of furniture a bleached look with a visible grain where the colour of the surface continues to shine through.

Oak furniture Trends for 2022

Rustic oak furniture in your interior

Whether you choose to use rustic oak furniture in a shabby chic, industrial or Scandinavian Interior, it can't go wrong! In a modern interior, a shabby chic tv unit made of rustic oak will be a perfect addition to metal furniture and it will create a nice contrast. If you do not plan to change often of Interior, rustic oak furniture is the ideal solution. Go for darker wood tones, matching the warm colour trend of the moment. The perfect piece of furniture for a Scandinavian interior design, is for example a rustic oak dining table with a painted table top and metallic legs with a rustic finish - also think of choosing wooden bar stools or Sandinavian modern dining chairs, depending on the height and style of your table.

Rustic oak furniture in combination with other materials and colours

Choosing the right colour to match rustic oak furniture depends on whether you want to accentuate your oak furniture or rather want it to mix with the rest of your Interior. One of the colour trends that we are seeing is the use of deeper earthy colours such as Brown, green and terracotta, which are perfect for a warmer atmosphere. All these colours go well with rustic oak furniture, especially if you want the oak furniture to complement the background. Earth tones are perfect for creating a cosy and inviting space. Not only the colours are getting warmer also materials such as brass and bronze. One of the trends that we see is mixing different materials in a piece of furniture. The combination of modified oak and outdated metal gives structure and character, which work well in many different interior styles.

It is very important to always follow your own style and to only be inspired by interior design trends that go with your personality. Do not try to imitate a trend if it does not suit you. Your interior is and remains an extension of your personality. Keep that in mind when decorating your home with rustic oak furniture.

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