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Stockholm sideboard wood

Design history -

Scandinavian furniture: people from Nordic countries have always been driven by their design culture


The search for home comfort was the guiding idea behind the creation of Scandinavian furniture .

The reason why everyone wants Scandinavian furniture

Their design culture has always driven people from Nordic countries to design Scandinavian furniture while respecting the nature surrounding them. Their savoir-faire enables them to carefully manage the resources available in their environment and contributes to the ingenious production of Scandinavian furniture.

Despite their considerable experience in Scandinavian furniture and design going back several decades, the concept of Scandinavian design only began to take off around the world in the 1950s, with the first Design in Scandinavia exhibitions in the US and Canada from 1954 to 1957.

Stockholm acacia scandi

The close links between the Scandinavian people and their natural environment gave them a helping hand in the manual production of Scandinavian furniture. Effectively, their appreciation of the material and its qualities, gave Scandinavian furniture an unpretentious beauty, a style that was rapidly adopted by everyone. The craftsmanship in each of the five countries in Scandinavia was much admired, especially as the craft industry continues to be very active and is set to protected in this region, much longer than in other furniture-manufacturing countries.

Industrialised production of Scandinavian furniture emerged late, unlike in Western Europe and in the US, and their traditions were thus preserved and continues to be highly regarded despite the appearance of modern production techniques.

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