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Design history -

Scandinavian furniture: it started off with numerous values related to humanist ethics


ndinavian furniture: the origins

Scandinavian furniture refers to all furniture that comes from several nations in Northern Europe.

This region, very distinct from the rest of the continent gave us Scandinavian furniture in the 1920s. The designers centred their concept of Scandinavian furniture on a very simple approach: the democracy of design.

Scandinavian furniture originated in Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway and Iceland.

All of these countries share a similar culture, roots and a common economy, but at the same time each plays its own role in Scandinavian furniture design, by bringing its own sensibility and environment into play.

Scandinavian furniture was created with numerous values attached to humanist ethics and morality; improvement of the quality of life for everyone by manufacturing furniture affordable by the whole population.

Their motivation was to create a social ideal

Scandinavian furniture continues to be created on the basis of this philosophical ideal.

Although the five nations have many things in common, and a very similar approach to design, each country has its own stylistic character and takes us to the roots of its history.

Industry, politics and the particular nature of each people are very different, which gives Scandinavian furniture its richness in terms of individuality.

We discover that the Danish have a southern sensibility, Finland is more oriented to the east, and the Norwegians are totally Nordic, while Sweden strikes the right balance. Iceland is clearly a case apart given the considerable diversity of its territory.

The various approaches to Scandinavian furniture are thus enriched by a wide range of arts and design heritages.

We owe Nordic furniture to nations that have for centuries attached great importance to the family home, which for them has become a refuge against a hostile climate and a place that has to be well structured so each member of the family can develop to the best of his or her ability.

Scandinavian design is thus approached with a eye on functional use and considerable interest in the beauty of objects.

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