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Miniature Small silver-plated pendant light Clipped Small silver-plated pendant light£115
This pendant lamp has a pretty silver finish.
Base, visible screw and cable coated with a beautiful metal braid.
Retro taste for an original suspension with a bar counter style.

Small silver-plated pendant light


In stock, Ready for dispatch on Monday 22 April 2024

Small 14cm ceiling lamp, ideal as back-up lighting

A well-crafted vintage pendant light made of silver-plated brass with a power cord that is wrapped with metal mesh. It can be hung over a small piece of furniture or headboard. Combine several of these lights for pleasant industrial lighting above a bar or a console table.

This pendant lamp has a pretty silver finish.

An elegant line and an impeccable finish

Maximum power: 25 W. With an energy-saving light bulb you get a luminosity of more than 150 W compared to traditional light bulbs.

Product Dimensions Small silver-plated pendant light
  • a. 135 cm
  • b. 0.5 cm
  • c. 3 cm
  • d. 2 cm
  • e. 5.5 cm
  • f. 6 cm
  • g. 0.5 cm
  • h. 14 cm

Weight and Dimensions

  • 0,64 kg
  • 14,00 x 13,50 x 14,00 cm (Length x Height x Width)

Material Details

  • 100% metal product
  • Adjustable height
  • Glossy finish
  • Elements of brass
  • Silver plated
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Client feedbacks


From Holger

Verified order of 24 May 2022

A beautiful lamp with a long supply cable that can be shortened if necessary.


From Menno

Verified order of 06 September 2021



From Liselotte

Verified order of 09 August 2021

Nice lightning, beautiful design


From Marie-catherine

Verified order of 23 January 2021

Very nice product


From Francoise

Verified order of 18 November 2020

Very good quality


From Gabriele

Verified order of 01 November 2020

Very beautiful, high-quality lamp


From Debby

Verified order of 21 September 2020

Beautiful, strong quality. I havent hung it up yet. But Im glad I got it; it was hard to find a nice but small lamp. Very happy!


From Anxo

Verified order of 27 May 2020

Versatile and very good quality. You can put it everywhere.


From Arlette

Verified order of 25 March 2020



From Corinne

Verified order of 16 September 2019

Quality lamp that is completely in line with our expectations in terms of design and rendering


From Roselyne

Verified order of 03 June 2019

Very good product


From Christophe

Verified order of 23 May 2019

Quite in line with what I was looking for


From Anne

Verified order of 27 April 2019

very nice product


From Anne

Verified order of 24 March 2019



From Orazio

Verified order of 14 May 2018



From Wanda

Verified order of 15 February 2017

Very nice finish, product identical to photos and description


From Fernand

Verified order of 27 April 2016

good quality


From Stephanie

Verified order of 29 February 2016

Pretty small vintage lamp and great finish


From Karine

Verified order of 14 January 2016

Very nice small lamp well finished. The cord in its metallic sheath is very nice


From Helene

Verified order of 08 December 2015

Very nice quality, neat finish


From Corine

Verified order of 15 March 2015

Fully meets our expectations

Our client photos

Beautiful pendant light above our bar that brings a touch of retro. They are a sensation for our friends.

"Beautiful pendant light above our bar that brings a touch of retro. They are a sensation for our friends."

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