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Miniature Fireside lounge chair Jelling Clipped Fireside lounge chair Jelling€315
Large white chauffeuse, all in elegance.
Fireside chair soft and very comfortable.
The seams are invisible and the finishes impeccable.

Fireside lounge chair Jelling


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A graceful Italian-inspired fireside chair

This elegant Italian touch chauffeuse will revolutionize your vision of occasional chairs. Refined and attractive, it distinguishes itself from traditional warmers by its silhouette and its look. The refined style and cream colour ensure a simplicity that will allow it to blend with all styles.

Large white chauffeuse, all in elegance.

Enjoy a soothing cocooning moment

The low seat and backrest also make it extremely comfortable. It is the perfect reading chair to install near a fireplace in a living room or a bedroom, and on which to sit to relax for a break.

Fireside chair soft and very comfortable.

This chair will provide you all the comfort and convenience of a real chair, while maintaining the relaxed side that provides the practical advantage of being next to heaters.
The cover is removable to facilitate cleaning


Weight and Dimensions

  • 8,00 kg
  • 80,00 x 70,00 x 105,00 cm (Length x Height x Width)
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