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Miniature Industrial stool Illinois Clipped Industrial stool Illinois€215
Elegant high stool in white metal and black leather.
The stool evokes the revisited western style.
The base is worked in such a way as to ensure perfect stability.
The leather seat has elegant geometric markings.

Industrial stool Illinois


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The revisiting of a classic: the quilted leather seat version

With its combination of metal and black leather, this western-style stool revisited will be an element of choice in a chic industrial décor.

Elegant high stool in white metal and black leather.

Metal and leather for a comfortable stool, easy to adjust in height

Its quilted and adjustable leather seat gives this high stool a very good level of comfort in addition to its very successful retro style. The curves and frame are typical of the early 20th century which combined with the silver metal structure makes this furniture design an element with a style inspired by old workshops.

The stool evokes the revisited western style.

Careful finishes ensure optimum durability for both the leather and the structure as well as the height adjustment mechanism.
A perfect complement to an industrial-chic kitchen style.


Weight and Dimensions

  • 9,30 kg
  • 45,70 x 98,00 x 45,70 cm (Length x Height x Width)
4,8/5,0Unrivalled customer satisfaction

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