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    Material Details Number 6 black weight
    Number 6 black weight Clipped

    Number 6 black weight

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    Description - Number 6 black weight

    Paperweight or doorstopper in shabby chic design

    The perfect product to stop your doors from slamming - with the charm of an old building. Have you finished airing the room? This metal ball can be placed on a shelf to keep your books together or outside in your garden to prevent the newspapers from flying away.
    • Number 6 black weight
    • Paperweight or doorstopper in shabby chic design
    • The perfect product to stop your doors from slamming - with the charm of an old building
    • Miniature Number 6 black weight 1
    • Miniature Number 6 black weight 2
    • Miniature Number 6 black weight 3

    Characteristics - Number 6 black weight

    • Product Dimensions Number 6 black weight
      • a. 3.4 cm
      • b. 0.7 cm
      • c. 13.5 cm
      • d. 4 cm
      • e. 4.5 cm
      • f. 10 cm

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    Client's advice - Number 6 black weight

    Our client photos

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    • The extra touch to complete the atmosphere;)
    • Beautiful object of retro charm that serves us as a doorstop and to pin down paper.

    Client feedbacks

    • on 23/03/2018

      "Very good decoration and doorstop."

    • on 21/03/2018

      "Very original as a door block, it can also be placed on a shelf, guaranteed effect."

    • on 04/12/2017

      "very nice product"

    • on 13/10/2017

      "I first thought that the product would be bigger, but very satisfied with it"

    • on 21/09/2017

      "Very beautiful and practical for keeping the doors open"

    • on 06/09/2017

      Finally an original door stop!

    • on 13/08/2017

      "I would have liked it to have a bit more weight otherwise very well made"

    • on 19/07/2017

      "Good quality, matching my expectations"

    • on 09/07/2017


    • on 18/06/2017

      "Excellent, unfortunately it does not come in a smaller size"

    • on 31/05/2017

      "Useful and amusing product"

    • on 07/04/2017

      "Product matches the picture"

    • on 20/12/2016

      "This is a beautiful, multi-purpose, original product!" The weight is easy to handle and has a protective fabric underneath to protect the surfaces. It is the perfect product for an indoor industrial style "

    • on 11/12/2016

      "Original and practical product"

    • on 08/12/2016


    • on 05/12/2016

      "The product delivered is a little darker than the product on the picture"

    • on 14/08/2016

      "Unique product. Good value for money"

    • on 04/07/2016

      "Really beautiful, color that corresponds to the photo very pretty product"

    • on 25/06/2016

      "The rendering in reality is even more beautiful. This is really nice product and it weights enough"

    • on 18/03/2016

      "As on photo"

    • on 28/02/2016

      "Beautiful patina"

    • on 03/02/2016

      "Beautiful patina"

    • on 25/11/2015

      "Would have been nice if it existed with severak numberings (even several colors!) Very beautiful patina"

    • on 12/10/2015

      "Really nice! Suitable for large spaces between floor and bottom of door"

    • on 16/09/2015

      "Corresponds to description, great industrial style"

    • on 21/08/2015

      "Very well designed"

    • on 28/07/2015

      "Very practicable and I love the style"

    • on 12/07/2015

      "Good product although I imagined it a little smaller and a little heavier. The suede patina below is a plus"

    • on 05/06/2015


    • on 17/05/2015

      "My doors don't slam anymore ;D"

    • on 22/04/2015

      "Deco product as expected"

    About - Number 6 black weight

    • Gustavianischer style, a german Swedish influence

      Gustavianischer style, a german Swedish influence

    • The selection of PIB

      The selection of PIB

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