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 Sofa Chesterfield Montaigu

Magazine. Trend analysis



PIB magazine editor

What are the current trends in the field of decoration and design?

Whether they analyse the trends of yesterday, today or tomorrow, our articles describe the new deco phonomena based on PIB´s expertise. From the selection of products to the analysis of different pieces of furniture and styles, in this section you are able to find the answer to your questions, whether explicitly stated, or in the form of a small deco related anecdotes. Here you are able to discover what the main current trends entail, and enjoy some useful decoration tips.


The PIB guarantee

  • Furniture with style, quality and timelessness
  • Unparalleled customer service (18.8 / 20)
  • More than 9 products out of 10 are in stock


  • Table lamps from PIB
  • Scandinavian sofa PIB
  • Cups and accessory for your breakfast
  • Scandinavian marble coffee tables
  • scandinavian tv bench PIB
  • PIB in your bathroom
  • Industrial stools with a leather seat
  • Aperitif around a solid wooden plateau
  • Scandinavian mirror PIB secured on your wall
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