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Miniature Seattle Industrial Library & Desk Clipped Seattle Industrial Library & Desk€1280€1150 (-10%)
Beautiful bookcase in industrial style in wood and metal.
Combination of dark wood and black metal for a beautiful harmony.
Shelves in pretty acacia wood.
The trays are adjustable to adjust the height to your liking.
Very nice finishes on the matt black metal structure.
The library is part of the industrial or retro-chic spirit.

Seattle Industrial Library & Desk

€1280 €1150 (-10%)

incl. eco-part €4.4

Functional dual purpose furniture in a vintage industrial style

Practical and original, this piece of furniture consists of a desk for the lower part and a bookcase for the upper part.

Shelves in pretty acacia wood.

Optimize your storage space with a quality piece of furniture, with a very neat finish

Drawing inspiration from the industrial era of the beginning of the 20th century, this piece of furniture will be your best ally, both for your long working hours and for storing your books and objects. The dark acacia wood, with the black metal structure, is reminiscent of the storage spaces of old workrooms which gives the piece great solidity.

The trays are adjustable to adjust the height to your liking.

With its adjustable trays and noble materials, this piece of furniture with particularly refined finishes is a long-lasting one.
In an industrial or retro-chic interior, the Seattle Industrial Library & Desk will fit neatly into your desk and keep you working while keeping your favorite books at your fingertips.


Weight and Dimensions

  • 81,00 kg
  • 51,00 x 208,00 x 88,00 cm (Length x Height x Width)

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The piece of furniture is assembled and looks great!

"The piece of furniture is assembled and looks great!"

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