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Miniature Black Colina Canvas Armchair ClippedBlack Colina Canvas Armchair£350£315 (-10%)
Armchair in black canvas and with a matt cylindrical metal structure.
Very fine matt black metal structure contributing to the graphic aspect.
The beautiful black canvas is embellished with an elegant central seam.
The canvas is adorned with four corners made of pretty black leather.

Black Colina Canvas Armchair

£350 £315 (-10%)

incl. eco-part £2.5

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Robustness and simplicity at the service of comfort

Black Colina is much more than a canvas armchair: it is a real invitation to relaxation. Its matte black cylindrical metal structure is very fine, and contributes to its graphic appearance. Its stability and sturdiness are ensured thanks to particularly careful welds at the junctions.

Armchair in black canvas and with a matt cylindrical metal structure.

Timeless design and easy to integrate colours

Doubled for optimal comfort and absolute solidity, the magnificent black fabric is embellished with four black leather corners as well, and a central seam. Important detail: the fabric is removable for easy maintenance.

Product Dimensions Black Colina Canvas Armchair
  • a. 92 cm
  • b. 85 cm
  • c. 52 cm
  • d. 65 cm
  • e. 25 cm
  • f. 58 cm
  • g. 40 cm
  • h. 22 cm
  • i. 14 cm

Weight and Dimensions

  • 11,00 kg
  • 85,00 x 91,50 x 78,50 cm (Length x Height x Width)

Material Details

  • Enhanced seating comfort
  • Easy to combine
  • Timeless aesthetic
  • Matte finish
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