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    Description - Northern Vintage armchair

    1950s look armchair, robust and comfortable

    All in curves, this chair is inspired by the '50s to offer a wide and comfortable seat on a sturdy beige canvas.

    Firmly installed on its oak feet, this armchair exudes a vintage charm that will accommodate any type of interior, from the trendiest to the most classical.

    Featuring a solid coating fabric, particularly stain resistant, this chair also offers excellent comfort with cushioning made of dense foam, and a particularly broad-based, allowing to sit for hours with a good comfort level.

    To sit around a coffee table in a living room or in a large room.
    • Northern Vintage armchair
    • 1950s look armchair, robust and comfortable
    • All in curves
    • Firmly installed on its oak feet
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    Characteristics - Northern Vintage armchair

    • Colour shades

      • Pebble grey #RAL. 7032

      • Brown beige #RAL. 1011

      We use RAL colours to show one or more coloured dots on a product.

    • Materials Details

      • Solid wood

      • Enhanced seating comfort

      • Dense inner padding

      • Oak wood

    • Weight

      • 11.20 kg
    • Product Dimensions Northern Vintage armchair
      • a. 63 cm
      • b. 50 cm
      • c. 78 cm
      • d. 40 cm
      • e. 53.5 cm
      • f. 57 cm

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    Client's advice - Northern Vintage armchair

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    • We LOVE our Northern Vintage chair (along with the Norway Curry cushion of course!).
    • Northern vintage Armchair to warm up the metal and bring the trendy Scandinavian touch

    Client feedbacks

    • on 12/03/2016

      "Even more beautiful! Beautiful quality, fabric and comfortable seat"

    • on 11/03/2016

      "5 stars"

    • on 01/08/2015

      "Compliant product and it seems to be of good quality"

    • on 16/04/2015

      "Great seating comfort. Very stylish"

    • on 24/03/2015

      "Beautiful design of armchair and pretty fabric and very comfortable seat"

    About - Northern Vintage armchair

    • Style of the 50s and 60s

    • The selection of PIB

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