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Miniature Telex 8-Drawer Metal File Cabinet ClippedTelex 8-Drawer Metal File Cabinet£455
Large vintage metal filing cabinet with 8 drawers.
The chest of drawers has a beautiful matt varnished finish, slightly patinated.
Its label holders give it a very distinctive retro look.

Telex 8-Drawer Metal File Cabinet


100% metal Vintage Design

Recalling the mid-twentieth century workshop furniture, this metal chest of drawers will add character to your decor.

Large vintage metal filing cabinet with 8 drawers.

A customizable chest of drawers that displays timeless simplicity

Entirely made of metal, this piece of furniture has 8 drawers for storing for example folders in a living room, clothes in a room or spices in a kitchen. Its understated style, label holders, and matte varnished finish, slightly patinated, give it a very retro look.

Product Dimensions Telex 8-Drawer Metal File Cabinet
  • a. 112 cm
  • b. 40 cm
  • c. 35 cm
  • d. 7 cm
  • e. 14 cm
  • f. 35.5 cm
  • g. 6.5 cm
  • h. 3 cm

Weight and Dimensions

  • 31,00 kg
  • 40,00 x 112,00 x 35,00 cm (Length x Height x Width)

Material Details

  • Timeless aesthetic
  • 100% metal product
  • Varnished finish
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