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Miniature Larssön wooden console ClippedLarssön wooden console£335
Sublime double console with an elongated rectangular top.
The dark varnish brings pretty walnut-coloured reflections.
The acacia wood top is particularly aesthetic and refined.
The rounded finishes of the tray are of exquisite finesse.

Larssön wooden console


Double console with a long rectangular tray

Designed in a particularly aesthetic and refined acacia wood that gives beautiful walnut-coloured shimmering glints with the dark varnish, the Larssön double tray console combines all the qualities of simplicity, modernity, durability and lightness of Nordic know-how.

Sublime double console with an elongated rectangular top.

The visual softness of a matt finish combined with rounded corners

In particular, we will not fail to admire the rounded finishes of the exquisitely thin upper plate and to pay attention to the naturally textured ones on the surface of the lower plate. Like a kind of fine braided cane barely visible and beautifully reproduced.

Product Dimensions Larssön wooden console
  • a. 75 cm
  • b. 120 cm
  • c. 40 cm
  • d. 34 cm
  • e. 95 cm
  • f. 15 cm
  • g. 36 cm
  • h. 70 cm
  • i. 4 cm

Weight and Dimensions

  • 17,00 kg
  • 40,00 x 120,00 x 75,00 cm (Length x Height x Width)

Material Details

  • Solid wood
  • Easy to combine
  • High-quality materials
  • 100% wood product
  • Acacia wood
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