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Miniature Linéa wooden Cabinet ClippedLinéa wooden Cabinet£685£445 (-35%)
The largely modular shelf can also be transformed into a bar.
The brass grooves delicately recall the gold handles.
Brass lines inlaid in the doors for a unique style.
The fine and refined lines give the wardrobe its Scandinavian style.
The cabinet has many storage spaces.
Elegant wardrobe with a very graphic style.
The door that opens horizontally allows the objects to be placed.
Linéa wooden Cabinet - 6

Linéa wooden Cabinet

£685 £445 (-35%)

In stock, Ready for dispatch on Thursday 06 August 2020

A Graphic design with convenient storage space

The Linéa wooden Cabinet displays a very graphic aesthetic. On the one hand, the use of two woods with very different shades offers a strong contrast between the doors and the body of the piece of furniture, on the other hand brass lines embedded in the doors echo the golden base, to give the Linéa wooden Cabinet a unique style.

The cabinet has many storage spaces.

Careful design and very aesthetic contrasts

In addition to the geometric character, the Linéa wooden Cabinet is unique in its upper compartment, whose door opens horizontally to provide a convenient shelf for storing important papers and documents or storing glasses.

Product Dimensions Linéa wooden Cabinet
  • a. 127 cm
  • b. 66 cm
  • c. 20 cm
  • d. 37 cm
  • e. 71.5 cm
  • f. 38.5 cm
Product Dimensions Linéa wooden Cabinet
  • g. 29.5 cm
  • h. 81 cm
  • i. 77 cm
  • j. 51 cm

Weight and Dimensions

  • 57,00 kg
  • 81,30 x 127,00 x 51,00 cm (Length x Height x Width)

Material Details

  • Atypical product
  • 100% wood product
  • Acacia wood
  • Elements of brass
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