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Miniature Metallic cupboard Mill ClippedMetallic cupboard Mill£685
A beautifully sized cabinet with an undeniably industrial spirit.
Double door in black openwork metal.
A wide range for a successful industrial spirit.

Metallic cupboard Mill


50's round finish for a unique vintage touch

A metallic cupboard that combines two styles for a successful result : on one hand a line that recalls the 1950s with curved angles, small handles and a neatly finished base. On the other hand, the mat black design slightly painted and the use of grid panels that display clearly a industrial and vintage look.

A beautifully sized cabinet with an undeniably industrial spirit.

Successful combination of styles for a wardrobe with the retro charm of a slightly patinated finish

The metallic cupboard Mill has 4 horizontal tablets that offer many great spaces to store clothes or crockery.

Product Dimensions Metallic cupboard Mill
  • a. 40 cm
  • b. 170 cm
  • c. 11 cm
  • d. 80 cm

Weight and Dimensions

  • 33,00 kg
  • 80,00 x 171,00 x 43,00 cm (Length x Height x Width)

Material Details

  • 100% metal product
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From anne-marie

on 22/03/2017

Aesthetical and quality product

The ideal room according to PIB

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Unrivalled customer satisfaction

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