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    Description - Storage unit Léa

    Wall storage with graphic lines

    A metal wall shelf that can find its place in any room of a house, bringing a touch of bright Nordic accents to your interior.

    The scandinavian shelves are very practical since it allows to add storage space without occupying space on the ground.

    A shelf ideal for highlighting beautiful objects, both in a living room, bathroom or in a kitchen.
    • Storage unit Léa
    • Wall storage with graphic lines
    • Miniature Storage unit Léa 1
    • Miniature Storage unit Léa 2

    Characteristics - Storage unit Léa

    • Colour shades

      • Signal white #RAL. 9003

      We use RAL colours to show one or more coloured dots on a product.

    • Materials Details

      • Multi-purpose

      • Easy to combine

      • 100% metal product

    • Weight and Dimensions

      • 3,60 kg
      • 53,00 x 100,00 x 19,00 cm(L x H x W)Dimension details listed below
    • Product Dimensions Storage unit Léa
      • a. 100 cm
      • b. 38 cm
      • c. 20 cm
      • d. 19 cm
      • e. 34.5 cm
      • f. 52.5 cm

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    About - Storage unit Léa

    • Style of the 70s and later

      The decorative style of the 70s finds its place between the passion of the 50s and the 60s and the neutral design after the oil crises. The esthetic is simpler and goes back to its beginning. The seating surfaces of the furniture are simple and use new materials like vinyl and glass. New forms of production developed through the industrial techniques.

    • PIB

      The key features of our brand reflect the main values at PIB - style, quality and timelessness. Our aim is to provide you with products which blend our own stylistic touches with classic 20th century design. Designed by our own team, many of our products are 100% crafted by hand in our factories and, after revision, sent directly to our warehouse. All products have very strict requirements regarding strength, appearance and durability. PIB believes in high quality, exclusive design!

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