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Miniature Wooden blackboard Leon ClippedWooden blackboard Leon£240
Large wooden blackboard.
It has a chalk holder and can be easily folded.
The black of the painting and the wood of the structure match perfectly.
The wood is a pretty light shade.

Wooden blackboard Leon


In stock, Ready for dispatch on Monday 06 July 2020

A practical deco piece full of charm

Entirely made of varnished solid wood, the Grand Tableau Noir en Bois Léon is a chic campaign decoration accessory that displays a deliciously retro style from the early 20th century, evoking old classrooms and shops. Its height of 1.5 meters allows it to be comfortably used by an adult.

Large wooden blackboard.

Solid wood with a light texture and practical chalk support

Stable and robust, it has a chalk holder and can easily fold to be stored if necessary, without cluttering up the space. As practical as it is aesthetic, this vintage blackboard is a decorative element that will make all the difference in a vintage decoration by bringing an authentic touch full of charm.

Product Dimensions Wooden blackboard Leon
  • a. 75 cm
  • b. 43.2 cm
  • c. 151 cm
  • d. 57.5 cm
  • e. 53.5 cm
Product Dimensions Wooden blackboard Leon
  • f. 3 cm
  • g. 5 cm
  • h. 3 cm
  • i. 4 cm
  • j. 5.5 cm
  • k. 4 cm
  • l. 15 cm

Weight and Dimensions

  • 6,70 kg
  • 59,00 x 151,00 x 66,00 cm (Length x Height x Width)

Material Details

  • Easy to combine
  • Timeless aesthetic
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