For Christmas, PIB announces the comeback of the great Soho Loft range

    Did you like it? ... We did ! The Soho Loft range is back with its high quality platters designed with ancient elm and its metallic structures full of retro furniture charm. Hurry up, all is still in stock !

    For the latecomers, know that there is still time to order a gift vouchers, that you could print immediately and hide underneath the Christmas trees.

    Finally, as you can see below, a new ceiling light that combines an pink interior and the raw style of the industrial style.

    But most importantly... Happy Christmas!

    Soho loft coffee table Soho loft coffee table Long Soho loft console

    Soho loft coffee table

    Large occasional table with an ancient elm platter. Sober and very industrial vintage style !

    Soho Loft occasional table

    On either side of the sofa or as a bedside table, opt for a robust table with a noble and ancient wooden platter.

    Long Soho Loft console

    A large console designed with ancient elm placed on a steel base for a successful industrial and vintage result.

    High Soho Loft console PIB'S 100 EUROS GIFT VOUCHER 24cm fushia ceiling light

    Soho Loft console

    A small storage furniture designed with wood and metal that will save you some space.

    100 euros PIB gift voucher

    There is still time to order your gift voucher from 30 to 200 euros, and print it to place it gently in front of the Christmas tree the following morning...

    24cm workshop fushia ceiling light

    A new ancient workshop style lighting, a colorful touch for 100% industrial design touch !

    Produit Interieur Brut is a brand of the society Maison en Vogue SAS (RCS PARIS 522 742 022).
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