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    Large lamp made entirely of light wood

    This light with real Scandinavian style is made of solid beech wood with a clear varnish finish. Its dark brown lamp shade has a golden interior to spread slightly amber light.

    Aside from its usual spot in a living room, this is one of the rare lights large enough to be installed above a table, like a ceiling light.

    Its heavy foot, made out of a block of plywood, makes it very stable.

    Works with an E27 large screw light bulb, available in most large-scale retail stores. Maximum power with an incandescent light bulb: 60 Watts. We recommend that you use a warm low-energy bulb, to have medium to strong brightness, while saving on energy.
    • Jayjay light
    • Large lamp made entirely of light wood
    • This light with real Scandinavian style is made of solid beech wood with a clear varnish finish
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    • Colour shades

      • Brown beige #RAL. 1011

      • Grey brown #RAL. 8019

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    • Materials Details

      • Solid wood

      • Atypical product

      • Beech wood

    • Weight

      • 22.00 kg
    • Product Dimensions Jayjay light
      • a. 29.7 cm
      • b. 55 cm
      • c. 200 cm
      • d. 110 cm
      • e. 40 cm
      • f. 9 cm
      • g. 40 cm
      • h. 210 cm
      • i. 170 cm

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    • International style, 1. Half of the 20th century

      The international style of the 1st half of the 20th century equals the modern ideas of the whole world. As in Europe and the US this movement combines all new ideas in terms of decoration and architecture. This modernism leads to a wave of creation which is based on the method of agronomy and regularity. These policies developed form the Bauhausstil. Hence the methods as the work with curved veneer plywood, which was mainly used for seating surface, developed from that. This progressive movement counts also as the push to the economic miracle.

    • Paulo Ramunni

      Since 2010 Paul Ramunni has its headquarter in the north of Portugal and he is mostly specialized in his own design and production of his own drafts. Because of his great success he could open his own design studio, workshop and own team. His work is based on the Nordic style with originality, elegance and sometimes even humor. His education as a sculptor has a positive effect on his work and makes it to what it is.

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