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Miniature Table Clamp Light Clipped Table Clamp Light£155£140 (-10%)
Small dimensions for this lamp with switch.
Adjustable lamp with switch.
Detail of the clamp to be fixed on your headboard.
Easily orient your clamp lamp.

Table Clamp Light

£155 £140 (-10%)

In stock, Ready for dispatch on Monday 22 July 2024

Practical and does not take up room

This lamp combines retro flair and a modern halogen fixture. It can be adjusted in two directions so as to best adapt to the positioning of your furniture.

Small dimensions for this lamp with switch.

Excellent finish quality and easy orientation

Ideal lighting for the headboard of a bed, or fixed to a shelf above a seat.

Product Dimensions Table Clamp Light
  • a. 12 cm
  • b. 2.5 cm
  • c. 9 cm
  • d. 6.5 cm
  • e. 24 cm
  • f. 7 cm
  • g. 4 cm
  • h. 7.5 cm
  • i. 5 cm

Weight and Dimensions

  • 1,05 kg
  • 7,00 x 27,00 x 7,00 cm (Length x Height x Width)

Material Details

  • 100% metal product
  • Glossy finish
  • Elements of brass
  • Silver plated
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Client feedbacks


From Roger

Verified order of 11 October 2023

Very beautiful and good quality


From Laurent

Verified order of 03 October 2023

Quality product as described. Fits in well with an industrial-style decor.


From Yann

Verified order of 23 June 2021

In top condition when unpacked. To be seen in time


From Lahcen

Verified order of 15 April 2021



From M.

Verified order of 05 February 2020



From Pascale

Verified order of 14 November 2019

Excellent quality product


From Sebastien

Verified order of 05 December 2018

Small, original and robust. Perfect on the sidetable for reading.


From Irma

Verified order of 03 September 2018



From Orazio

Verified order of 14 May 2018



From Angelika

Verified order of 09 July 2018

Super great lamp, grandios. Highly recommended!!!


From Corine

Verified order of 08 February 2018

Fantastic object and lamp, ideal for reading.


From Dominique

Verified order of 05 September 2016

Product of beautiful quality


From Frederique

Verified order of 17 June 2016

Aesthetic and robust


From Gregoire

Verified order of 28 January 2016

Very good product which corresponds to the description on the website


From Virginie

Verified order of 01 January 2016

Excellent product according to my expectations


From Valerie

Verified order of 20 December 2015

Bought the lamp as a gift, beautiful product, beautiful finish. Just a pity that the lamp can not be adjusted in height


From Ingrid

Verified order of 12 December 2015

Very satisfied Corresponds to the pictures materials of quality


From Claude

Verified order of 29 November 2015

Very original lamp and practicable


From Annie

Verified order of 28 November 2015

High quality materials


From Marie-christine

Verified order of 25 November 2015

Quality product


From Florence

Verified order of 04 June 2015

Quality and a beautiful effect...beautiful product

Our client photos

Very practical to light our plane!

"Very practical to light our plane!"

All these little table clamp lamps are very practical.

"All these little table clamp lamps are very practical. "

A wall lamp like no other..

"A wall lamp like no other.."

My vice lamp!

"My vice lamp!"



The table-clamp light fixed on a photograph tripod for an original standing lamp! We combined the industrial and photo passion, thanks to PIB !

"The table-clamp light fixed on a photograph tripod for an original standing lamp! We combined the industrial and photo passion, thanks to PIB !"

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