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    Vintage style: a large part of vintage style stems from the industrial era


    Vintage style must-haves

    Much of the vintage style opus stems from the industrial era and its metal vintage furniture.

    In 1930, factories and industrial workshops were on the look out for furniture in order to improve their employees' working conditions, and metal furniture manufacturers seized this opportunity.

    Many brands specialised in furniture specifically for industry, sold out product catalogues and took part in "workers' comfort" trade fairs to show their furnishing solutions, which would later become our vintage style.

    The metal locker, which is now a vintage style must-have, was one of the pieces of furniture that was emblematic of this social evolution in the workplace.

    In addition to being very practical and aesthetic, the metal storage cabinet corresponds to a decisive moment of improvement in workplace standards.

    This characteristic makes it a vintage style item of furniture with considerable industrial and historical cachet, which can be appreciated today by all those who are interested in the history of design.

    Vintage style in our times

    This same metal coat stand or column has been revived today and it is now installed comfortably in our interiors to add a touch of vintage style.

    This renewed interest above all concerns original models but also reeditions that are adapted to a modern-day home.

    The clothes' locker has been improved and redesigned so it can be used in any room in one's house: in the kitchen as a cupboard, in the bedroom or bathroom as a vintage wardrobe, or in the living room for books or CDs.

    It has been repainted in contemporary and bright colours for a very vintage pop style look.

    Above all, designers have kept the sleek and smart silhouette of an industrial piece of furniture.

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