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Trend analysis -

Retro design: looking to rediscover objects with the design and style of the past


Each retro design style belongs to a period characterised by its specific lines, colours and materials. Early-century retro design was submerged in lines that wanted to be resolutely modern, with fine materials and sober colours.

Retro becomes modern

By retro design, we designate a trend and style prevalent in the past, which is now back in vogue to add cachet and a touch of authenticity to our more modern interiors. Decoration is not the only area changed by this fashion. Retro is also increasingly the buzzword for clothing, video games, graphic design or autos. We will look here at retro style decoration from the 20th Century, from Art Deco right up to the Eighties. This fairly recent retro furniture has come about because of a desire to rediscover certain objects with yesteryear design and robustness. It was to note that retro decorative objects were designed with a great deal of attention, from the choice of materials to final assembly. Saint Paul Cheserfield SofaSaint Paul Cheserfield Sofa

Different retro styles

With the advent of numerous musical and artistic strands, the retro design style of the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s was taken up by all social classes to embellish their homes. Round shapes and vivid colours gave homes some oomph by filling them with shiny leather, Formica and plastic. The Eighties owed their retro design style to industrial design, notably enamelled plaques, oversize metal pendant lights, and reclaimed and repurposed pieces. This enthusiasm for retro design led manufacturers to reproduce all these pieces for our great pleasure, and designers to be heavily inspired by this fashion to create he decorative accessories that surround us today.



  • Table lamps from PIB
  • Scandinavian sofa PIB
  • Cups and accessory for your breakfast
  • Scandinavian marble coffee tables
  • scandinavian tv bench PIB
  • PIB in your bathroom
  • Industrial stools with a leather seat
  • Aperitif around a solid wooden plateau
  • Scandinavian mirror PIB secured on your wall
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