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Railroad Cart Coffee Table

Design history -

A retro look: mid-century industrial design


retro style design can be seen wherever you look: clothes, cars, household appliances, you name it. Of course, this trend also applies to furniture and decoration. More generally, vintage style refers to the renewed use of the materials, colours and shapes of all the different periods of the 20th Century.

Retro in our interior

Our interiors are brightened up and take on a different look with retro decorative objects such as distressed advertising enamel plaques, vibrant wallpaper, or the old Bakelite phones with their curves. The retro design comeback has been so strong that manufacturers or designers have reproduced or rethought all the furniture and objects of that era, much to our delight!

Railroad Cart Coffee TableBruni Espresso Cups

The retro design you will find at PIB

At PIB, we have selected industrial furniture that goes perfectly with this vintage style, to increase the cachet of the retro design in your interior. PIB's retro furniture is the perfect match for all your vintage decorative objects: its fine and robust materials recall an era when furniture rhymed with sturdiness, and has lasted for decades, as is the case, for example, for our dining tables or our coffee tables. Their industrial and vintage silhouettes adhere to mid-century and retro design. Such decoration and furniture finds a perfect home in a retro-design unit, and a vintage industrial set of shelves would also be ideal next to a Sixties sideboard.

In order to perfect your retro design, PIB also proposes accessories such as wall-mounted coat racks which will add that retro touch to your entrance hall, or our design clocks which will embellish your walls with retro flair, and be extremely practical into the bargain!

Virgile Occasional TableMat Black Jieldé Loft Light With Clamp



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