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Miniature Cadé table 180cm ClippedCadé table 180cm£490
The table is resolutely industrial, and of an unfailing robustness.
The different wooden blades that make up the table give it its character.

Cadé table 180cm


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Robustness and industrial spirit

The table Cadé is immediately noticeable through its industrial look, which is emphasised by the solid metal frame. Thanks to the high quality wood processing of the table top there is noticeable quality, in particular thanks to the two large X-characters, which are made of two wooden boards.

The table is resolutely industrial, and of an unfailing robustness.

A table handcrafted with care, with a 100% recycled old wood top

Every table is unique, due to the deliberately plotted traces of usage. The tabletop is protected with a coating that eases maintenance.Not to be forgotten is the durability of the industrial table: it guarantees a durable acquisition.

Product Dimensions Cadé table 180cm
  • a. 180 cm
  • b. 81 cm
  • c. 4 cm
  • d. 79 cm
  • e. 50 cm
  • f. 50 cm

Weight and Dimensions

  • 44,00 kg
  • 180,00 x 77,00 x 80,00 cm (Length x Height x Width)

Material Details

  • Solid wood
  • High resistance
  • Multi-purpose
  • Varnished finish
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Client feedbacks


From laura

on 11/10/2017

Very good quality product, consistent with the photos and my expectations.



on 09/04/2017

The Cadé table is beautiful and matches the full description on the website. The wooden top and metal legs perfectly harmonize with each other and they are also very solid. We have already received many compliments and questions about the supplier that we have highly recommended.


From celine

on 03/03/2017

Very nice table


From Blandine

on 15/12/2014

Very good

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