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    Description - Table Peterstivy

    Old varnished teak and neo-industrial look

    Successful combination of a very simple base, almost contemporary, with a thick solid teak wood platter. The table Peterstivy offers a new interpretation of industrial style furniture.

    A table with excellent rigidity and maintenance thanks to its varnished wood tray designed with old teak. This reclaimed wood shows traces of distress that highlight the age of the wood, making each table unique.

    With its length of 170 centimeters, this table will accommodate up to 8 guests.
    • Table Peterstivy
    • Old varnished teak and neo-industrial look
    • Miniature Table Peterstivy 1
    • Miniature Table Peterstivy 2

    Characteristics - Table Peterstivy

    • Colour shades

      • Ochre brown #RAL. 8001

      • Graphite black #RAL. 9011

      We use RAL colours to show one or more coloured dots on a product.

    • Materials Details

      • Solid wood

      • Teak wood

    • Weight and Dimensions

      • 55,00 kg
      • 170,00 x 76,00 x 90,00 cm(L x H x W)Dimension details listed below
    • Product Dimensions Table Peterstivy
      • a. 170 cm
      • b. 90 cm
      • c. 71 cm
      • d. 41.5 cm
      • e. 5 cm
      • f. 5 cm
      • g. 30.5 cm
      • h. 100 cm
      • i. 59 cm
      • j. 76 cm

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    Client feedbacks

    • on 11/02/2017

      "Good quality. Same as the presentation."

    • on 03/02/2017

      "Beautiful table which satisfies the requirements. Also nice in the pictures!"

    • on 28/01/2017

      "Beautiful product of great quality"

    • on 09/04/2016

      "Perfect product"

    About - Table Peterstivy

    • Post-war era, democratization, industrial style in the post-war era

      The democratization and the first use of the industrial style furniture start in the period of the post-war era. That was possible because of the manufactories and the adaption of the personal and domestic use of furniture in metal. Until that period housewives preferred furniture made out of wood. Since the change of metal furniture was quite great, at the very beginning people would put wood on seating surfaces and backrests of their furniture. This made the contrast to the metal furniture a little less strong and made it easier for people to adapt to that different style of furniture.

    • PIB

      The key features of our brand reflect the main values at PIB - style, quality and timelessness. Our aim is to provide you with products which blend our own stylistic touches with classic 20th century design. Designed by our own team, many of our products are 100% crafted by hand in our factories and, after revision, sent directly to our warehouse. All products have very strict requirements regarding strength, appearance and durability. PIB believes in high quality, exclusive design!

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