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    Multipl's red chair


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    Description - Multipl's red chair

    A red patinated finish

    Weighing up your chair options? Opt for a light and robust metal chair.

    This vintage design is an original Joseph Mathieu design from the 1920's that works perfectly with the red patina finish of this chair.

    As it is stackable, this chair poses as a direct competitor to the Tolix chair, as the hollow legs allow it to be placed directly on top of another chair.

    These industrial chairs will find their place within an industrially styled vintage interior with a hint of contemporary design.

    In order to stack these chairs without damaging the surface, each chair is fitted with rubber stoppers and wooden supports.

    Each chair is fitted with wooden supports to avoid damage.
    • Multipl's  red chair
    • A red patinated finish
    • Weighing up your chair options? Opt for a light and robust metal chair
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    Characteristics - Multipl's red chair

    • Colour shades

      • Ruby red #RAL. 3003

      We use RAL colours to show one or more coloured dots on a product.

    • Materials Details

      • Stackable Product

      • 100% metal product

      • Patina finish

    • Weight and Dimensions

      • 4,50 kg
      • 40,00 x 84,00 x 50,00 cm(L x H x W)Dimension details listed below
    • Product Dimensions Multipl's  red chair
      • a. 17 cm
      • b. 2 cm
      • c. 8 cm
      • d. 39 cm
      • e. 83 cm
      • f. 41 cm
      • g. 36 cm
      • h. 46 cm
      • i. 2.5 cm

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    About - Multipl's red chair

    • Industrial style of the 20s and 30s

      In the 20s and 30s metal furniture began to find its place in interiors. The exteriors are also very strongly influenced by this trend as park benches, lanterns, advertising columns and chairs are constructed in the Luxembourg style. In factories the use of folding furniture, desk-side containers, metal wardrobes and furniture with metal pigeonholes starts to be used more and more. Because shortly after the demand for this furniture grew radically the methods of production were modernized. The first steel metal factories were established and they enhanced with the industrial style.

    • The selection of PIB

      Since 2010 PIB works together with suppliers with verified product quality. After sorting out the best products all of them fulfill our criteria's: Style, quality and timelessness. We observe the newest trends so that our style of decoration is always up to date. We combine the newest trends with the flair of the 20th century which makes our products timeless. Only suppliers which fulfill the criteria of style, esthetic and quality are being used for the production of our products.

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