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Miniature Weissmüller Flood light Clipped Weissmüller Flood light£300£270 (-10%)
Superb grey projector with meticulous finishes.
The glass is slightly smoked for a soft light.
Suspension suspended by a sublime chain.

Weissmüller Flood light

£300 £270 (-10%)

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An adjustable lamp with industrial style

The Weissmüller projector lamp is a light with a stylish industrial design.

Superb grey projector with meticulous finishes.

Careful finishing and 100% metal design for a lamp with a design from maritime vessels

Made out of cast aluminium and painted over with layers clear grey matte paint, the body of this hanging lamp is inspired by lights found on naval ships or film studios. The glass end of the lampshade is marked with small strips, which is one of the numerous industrial details that make reference to retro industrial design, such as the lightly tinted almost smoky glass which hides the light bulb. The metal arm allows to change the orientation of the lamp and lock it into place. The electrical cord is covered with a black fabric that has been braided over the cord, which is accompanied by the metal chain that has the same finish as the lamp.

Product Dimensions Weissmüller Flood light
  • a. 170 cm
  • b. 26 cm
  • c. 22 cm
  • d. 10 cm
  • e. 31 cm
  • f. 35 cm

Weight and Dimensions

  • 6,20 kg
  • 32,00 x 44,00 x 32,00 cm (Length x Height x Width)

Material Details

  • Adjustable height
  • Matte finish
  • Raw finish
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