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Miniature Scandinavian style sideboard Henrik ClippedScandinavian style sideboard Henrik£955
Elegant Scandinavian graphic buffet.
The doors slide on impeccably crafted wooden rails.
The edges are bevelled for a delicate finish.
this 1950s style buffet combines beautiful storage volumes.

Scandinavian style sideboard Henrik


Expected, Planned shipping date is 15 September 2021

The graphic elegance of a Scandinavian fifties buffet

All in lightness despite its size, this walnut buffet in the 50's style combines beautiful storage volumes with superb finishes. It distills its retro chic into every decor, Scandinavian as well as international.

Elegant Scandinavian graphic buffet.

The beauty of teak, combined with timeless lines

Its elongated shape is equipped with angled corners on the front, giving it a graphic elegance. Its sliding doors slide on wooden rails and hide two adjustable shelves on three levels. The Scandinavian style sideboard Henrik is a perfect place for books or dishes, in a refined living room or in an elegant dining room.

Product Dimensions Scandinavian style sideboard Henrik
  • a. 70 cm
  • b. 150 cm
  • c. 45 cm
  • d. 74 cm
  • e. 46 cm
  • f. 102 cm
  • g. 34 cm
  • h. 19 cm

Weight and Dimensions

  • 46,00 kg
  • 150,00 x 70,00 x 45,00 cm (Length x Height x Width)

Material Details

  • Easy to combine
  • Timeless aesthetic
  • Teak wood
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