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Miniature Black metal console Duvignac ClippedBlack metal console Duvignac£455
Beautiful unstructured black metal shelf for geometric rendering.
Shelf with a refined style, combining fun and aesthetics.
Four separate trays for ingenious space optimization.
The all-metal shelf has a beautiful matt black finish.
The rounded corners give a certain softness to the shelf.
Very geometric appearance with a square tubular structure.

Black metal console Duvignac


Expected, Planned shipping date is 03 February 2020

An antenna and geometric console


The Duvignac metal console benefits from a 100% black metal structure and combines manufacturing quality and fun at work to give you a unique look. The aesthetics of the furniture is based on a sophisticated geometric system and the structuring of storage volumes.

Four separate trays for ingenious space optimization.

Stylistic sobriety and meticulous finishing

With his matt black surface and square tube structure, this console integrates easily into your interior and can be combined with other furniture products without false notes. Very airy, it allows you to store, organize and sublimate your everyday objects. If you wish, you can also use it to structure your interior and separate two rooms.

Product Dimensions Black metal console Duvignac
  • a. 93 cm
  • b. 35 cm
  • c. 111.2 cm
  • d. 57 cm
  • e. 27 cm
  • f. 77.5 cm
  • g. 27 cm
  • h. 62.5 cm
  • i. 32.3 cm
  • j. 77.5 cm
  • k. 23 cm

Weight and Dimensions

  • 24,00 kg
  • 111,00 x 93,00 x 35,00 cm (Length x Height x Width)

Material Details

  • Timeless aesthetic
  • 100% metal product
  • Matte finish
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