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    Description - Magellan mirror

    A small mirror designed with wood and curved glass.

    Charming and discrete with its window size, this mirror designed with wood has a slightly curved glass ludic and original.

    Thanks to its small size, the Magellan mirror will fit as much in a bedroom than in a bathroom or to give more depth to a corner in your dining room.

    The charm of this mirror is consolidated by its slightly cracked patina obtained by super positioning layers of paintings as well as a slightly golden edging.
    • Magellan mirror
    • A small mirror designed with wood and curved glass.
    • Charming and discrete with its window size
    • Miniature Magellan mirror 1
    • Miniature Magellan mirror 2
    • Miniature Magellan mirror 3

    Characteristics - Magellan mirror

    • Colour shades

      • Grey brown #RAL. 8019

      We use RAL colours to show one or more coloured dots on a product.

    • Materials Details

      • Easy to combine

      • Patina finish

    • Weight and Dimensions

      • 1,00 kg
      • 27,00 x 27,00 x 4,00 cm(L x H x W)Dimension details listed below
    • Product Dimensions Magellan mirror
      • a. 26.5 cm
      • b. 5 cm
      • c. 1 cm
      • d. 1 cm
      • e. 17 cm
      • f. 3.5 cm

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    Client feedbacks

    • on 21/12/2017

      "We are not the final recipient, so we hope they will like it." :)

    • on 17/07/2017

      "In line with the description found on the site and therefore my expectations"

    • on 25/02/2017

      "Lives up to my expectations"

    • on 16/02/2017

      "Very good"

    • on 03/02/2017


    • on 11/01/2017


    • on 31/12/2016

      "Perfect, very nice and looks the same as the photos"

    • on 31/12/2016

      "Very nice product! As usual PIB knows how to make its products stand out and the result is perfect! Thank you"

    • on 20/12/2016

      "Very nice original mirror of good quality, the finish is very good, the wood is lightly patinated in gold and the back is covered with a velvet fabric so as not to damage the wall. I am very satisfied with my purchase which is good value for money."

    • on 27/11/2016

      "Remarkable finish"

    • on 19/11/2016

      "Unique and well finished!"

    • on 24/10/2016

      "Highly qualitative product"

    • on 19/10/2016

      "Meeting my expectations"

    • on 08/06/2016

      "Product of quality"

    • on 27/04/2016

      "Product identical to the picture on the website"

    • on 22/04/2016

      "Mirror perfectly in accordance with the description, very nice look"

    • on 14/04/2016

      "It is a beautiful object that will alway find its place in a classic or contemporary interior. Preferably on a wall in front of a window"

    • on 13/04/2016

      "Very nice little object which can decorate a whole wall"

    • on 29/03/2016

      "Corresponds to what I was looking for"

    • on 23/03/2016

      "Some defects for a demanding eye"

    • on 19/03/2016

      "The product fits perfectly to my expectations, vintage design for a very affordable price"

    • on 16/03/2016

      "Very good. Nice deco"

    • on 06/03/2016

      "Very nice"

    • on 27/02/2016

      "Beautiful product, beautiful finish fully in line with my expectations"

    • on 27/02/2016

      "Good quality price ratio"

    • on 24/02/2016

      "Absolutely exceeded our expectations"

    • on 20/02/2016

      "I love this kind of decoration, and this special mirror is going to delight my interior! It is great and of good quality"

    • on 17/02/2016

      "Very beautiful piece of decoration that brings a touch of tradition even into a modern interior"

    • on 14/02/2016

      "As described. A neat object. Very good"

    • on 25/01/2016

      "Beautiful reflections, the mirror is still lacking bulging, it is too flat"

    • on 24/01/2016

      "Small curved mirror in retro look with a dark wooden frame, according to the visual presented on the website"

    • on 07/01/2016

      "The mirror exactly corresponds to the description on the website, I am very satisfied with this purchase"

    • on 01/01/2016

      "Very beautiful product as described in description"

    • on 01/01/2016

      "A must-have"

    • on 09/12/2015

      "Very good. Good quality"

    • on 04/12/2015

      "Compliant to photo. As it is a gift, I do not yet know if it will be easy to hang. But until now very satisfied"

    • on 02/12/2015


    • on 25/11/2015

      "Very nice finish. Very practical wall hook."

    • on 08/07/2015

      "Original product, which conforms to the photos of the website"

    • on 25/06/2015

      "Product identical with picture and description on website"

    • on 18/06/2015

      "Nice mirror, good value for money"

    • on 16/06/2015

      "It corresponds to my request"

    • on 12/06/2015

      "Magnificient quality product and not expensive"

    • on 12/06/2015

      "Original mirror that foubd its place in my entrance hall"

    • on 12/06/2015


    • on 23/03/2015

      "Very beautiful mirror exactly as on pictures"

    • on 16/02/2015

      "It is as I imagined"

    • on 08/02/2015

      "The product corresponds exactly to the picture on the website. It's good quality and the price is reasonable"

    About - Magellan mirror

    • Gustavianischer style, a german Swedish influence

      The gustavianischer style is an interior style based on the german and Swedish influence from the end of the 18th century. Today this decoration style is much more modern although it still uses the original major characteristics. Furniture with strong contrasts and clear forms between materials and cold colors. With this style you cannot miss out on the color blue-grey. This acts as a contrast to the patinated copper of the deco furniture, as for example vintage mirrors in vintage look. The processing of these furniture's is the used look and the blured colors.

    • The selection of PIB

      Since 2010 PIB works together with suppliers with verified product quality. After sorting out the best products all of them fulfill our criteria's: Style, quality and timelessness. We observe the newest trends so that our style of decoration is always up to date. We combine the newest trends with the flair of the 20th century which makes our products timeless. Only suppliers which fulfill the criteria of style, esthetic and quality are being used for the production of our products.

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