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    Material Details Magellan mirror
    Magellan mirror Clipped

    Magellan mirror


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    Description - Magellan mirror

    A small mirror designed with wood and curved glass.

    Charming and discreet with its window size, this mirror designed with wood has a slightly curved glass ludic and original.

    Thanks to its small size, the Magellan mirror will fit as much in a bedroom than in a bathroom or to give more depth to a corner in your dining room.

    The charm of this round mirror is consolidated by its slightly cracked patina obtained by super positioning layers of paintings as well as a slightly golden edging.
    • Magellan mirror
    • A small mirror designed with wood and curved glass.
    • Charming and discreet with its window size
    • Miniature Magellan mirror 1
    • Miniature Magellan mirror 2
    • Miniature Magellan mirror 3

    Characteristics - Magellan mirror

    • Product Dimensions Magellan mirror
      • a. 26.5 cm
      • b. 5 cm
      • c. 1 cm
      • d. 1 cm
      • e. 17 cm
      • f. 3.5 cm

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    Client's advice - Magellan mirror

    Our client photos

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    Client feedbacks

    • on 20/10/2018

      "A very good solid product because the wooden frame is painted and finished very carefully with the back covered with a quality velvet and the convex mirror really works. A beautiful object".

    • on 13/09/2018

      "matches the order and my expectations"

    • on 04/07/2018

      "Excellent product, classy and elegant"

    • on 27/06/2018


    • on 14/03/2018


    • on 09/02/2018

      Very nice, excellent quality

    • on 02/02/2018

      A wonderful mirror for an original style effect.

    • on 24/12/2017

      In line with what I saw on the website.

    • on 17/07/2017

      In line with the description found on the site and therefore my expectations

    • on 25/02/2017

      Lives up to my expectations

    • on 16/02/2017

      Very good

    • on 03/02/2017


    • on 11/01/2017


    • on 31/12/2016

      Perfect, very nice and looks the same as the photos

    • on 31/12/2016

      Very nice product! As usual PIB knows how to make its products stand out and the result is perfect! Thank you

    • on 20/12/2016

      Very nice original mirror of good quality, the finish is very good, the wood is lightly patinated in gold and the back is covered with a velvet fabric so as not to damage the wall. I am very satisfied with my purchase which is good value for money.

    • on 27/11/2016

      Remarkable finish

    • on 19/11/2016

      Unique and well finished!

    • on 24/10/2016

      Highly qualitative product

    • on 19/10/2016

      Meeting my expectations

    • on 08/06/2016

      Product of quality

    • on 27/04/2016

      Product identical to the picture on the website

    • on 22/04/2016

      Mirror perfectly in accordance with the description, very nice look

    • on 14/04/2016

      It is a beautiful object that will alway find its place in a classic or contemporary interior. Preferably on a wall in front of a window

    • on 13/04/2016

      Very nice little object which can decorate a whole wall

    • on 29/03/2016

      Corresponds to what I was looking for

    • on 23/03/2016

      Some defects for a demanding eye

    • on 19/03/2016

      The product fits perfectly to my expectations, vintage design for a very affordable price

    • on 16/03/2016

      Very good. Nice deco

    • on 06/03/2016

      Very nice

    • on 27/02/2016

      Beautiful product, beautiful finish fully in line with my expectations

    • on 27/02/2016

      Good quality price ratio

    • on 24/02/2016

      Absolutely exceeded our expectations

    • on 20/02/2016

      I love this kind of decoration, and this special mirror is going to delight my interior! It is great and of good quality

    • on 17/02/2016

      Very beautiful piece of decoration that brings a touch of tradition even into a modern interior

    • on 14/02/2016

      As described. A neat object. Very good

    • on 25/01/2016

      Beautiful reflections, the mirror is still lacking bulging, it is too flat

    • on 24/01/2016

      Small curved mirror in retro look with a dark wooden frame, according to the visual presented on the website

    • on 07/01/2016

      The mirror exactly corresponds to the description on the website, I am very satisfied with this purchase

    • on 01/01/2016

      Very beautiful product as described in description

    • on 01/01/2016

      A must-have

    • on 09/12/2015

      Very good. Good quality

    • on 04/12/2015

      Compliant to photo. As it is a gift, I do not yet know if it will be easy to hang. But until now very satisfied

    • on 02/12/2015


    • on 25/11/2015

      Very nice finish. Very practical wall hook.

    • on 08/07/2015

      Original product, which conforms to the photos of the website

    • on 25/06/2015

      Product identical with picture and description on website

    • on 18/06/2015

      Nice mirror, good value for money

    • on 16/06/2015

      It corresponds to my request

    • on 12/06/2015

      Magnificient quality product and not expensive

    • on 12/06/2015

      Original mirror that foubd its place in my entrance hall

    • on 12/06/2015


    • on 23/03/2015

      Very beautiful mirror exactly as on pictures

    • on 16/02/2015

      It is as I imagined

    • on 08/02/2015

      The product corresponds exactly to the picture on the website. It's good quality and the price is reasonable

    About - Magellan mirror

    • Gustavianischer style, a german Swedish influence

      Gustavianischer style, a german Swedish influence

    • The selection of PIB

      The selection of PIB

    Mix and Match - Magellan mirror

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