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Miniature 4 small  Kennedy bowls Clipped 4 small Kennedy bowls£35
Four bowls with geometric patterns of a bright red.
Practical and charming.

4 small Kennedy bowls


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A romantic set of bowls - full of charm

These 4 small Kennedy bowls present themselves as charming tableware that will make your breakfast table look beautiful whilst enjoying tea with your loved ones.

Four bowls with geometric patterns of a bright red.

A touch of colour for your zakouskis

The red geometric patterns on white background will add a bit of nostalgic originality to your dishes.

Product Dimensions 4 small  Kennedy bowls
  • a. 11.5 cm
  • b. 6.5 cm
  • c. 4.5 cm

Weight and Dimensions

  • 0,90 kg
  • 6,50 x 11,00 x 6,50 cm (Length x Height x Width)

Material Details

  • Easy to combine
  • Presence of faience
  • Timeless aesthetic
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From Carina

Verified order of 30 June 2019

Very good product. Delivery was faster than announced. I am very satisfied and can recommend the shop.


From Xavier

Verified order of 14 January 2019

conform shells


From Joelle

Verified order of 06 March 2016

Very beautiful


From Paul

Verified order of 17 January 2016

Very good

The ideal room according to PIB

4,8/5,0Unrivalled customer satisfaction

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