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Miniature Rebstock Plant Stand Clipped Rebstock Plant Stand£70
Superb steel pot cover with a vintage spirit.
The whole is aged with a very trendy old look.
The finish is patinated for a beautiful vintage spirit.

Rebstock Plant Stand


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Elegant vintage style pot holder

This galvanized steel pot holder plays on the mix of styles to give a garden atmosphere to your interior. Its vintage spirit and its patina finish will bring a raw touch and highlight the green notes of your living space.

Superb steel pot cover with a vintage spirit.

Charming patina finish to highlight your favourite plant

The removable metal foot gives it flexibility and allows you to adjust it to the space in which you will integrate it. Its delicate dark grey finishes and the rounded shape of the pot give it elegance and finesse.

Product Dimensions Rebstock Plant Stand
  • a. 46.5 cm
  • b. 14 cm
  • c. 39 cm
  • d. 17 cm
  • e. 20.5 cm
  • f. 20.5 cm

Weight and Dimensions

  • 0,80 kg
  • 22,00 x 48,00 x 22,00 cm (Length x Height x Width)

Material Details

  • Atypical product
  • 100% metal product
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