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    Description - Sugar bowl Kennedy

    A sugar bowl for a Scandinavian decoration

    The sugar bowl Kennedy is a small and practical pîece of table ware that gets its charm from the Scandinavian decor style.

    This sugar bowl has a traditional form and charming geometric flower patterns. The red presents a beautiful contrast to the white background. Just like all the other products of the Kennedy line, the sugar bowl is made of glazed ceramic.
    A small slit enables you to leave a spoon or wooden forceps in the sugar bowl.

    The sugar bowl Kennedy fits perfectly to the other items of the Kennedy collection: tea pot, cups, espresso cups and bowls.

    All items of the Kennedy collection are dishwashable.

    • Sugar bowl Kennedy
    • A sugar bowl for a Scandinavian decoration
    • Miniature Sugar bowl Kennedy 1
    • Miniature Sugar bowl Kennedy 2

    Characteristics - Sugar bowl Kennedy

    • Colour shades

      • Pure  red #RAL. 3028

      • Traffic white #RAL. 9016

      We use RAL colours to show one or more coloured dots on a product.

      The screen can sometimes obscure the colour of a RAL dot and the colour can be misleading. You should use a colour chart.

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    • Materials Details

      • Easy to combine

      • Presence of faience

      • Timeless aesthetic

    • Weight

      • 0.11 kg
    • Product Dimensions Sugar bowl Kennedy
      • a. 2 cm
      • b. 5 cm
      • c. 10 cm
      • d. 10 cm

    Other finishes - Sugar bowl Kennedy

    This product also exists with other finishes

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    Client feedbacks

    • From MARIE

      on 22/12/2016

      "Useful and very nice"

    About - Sugar bowl Kennedy

    • Style of the 50s and 60s

    • The selection of PIB

    Mix and Match - Sugar bowl Kennedy

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