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    Swan-neck wall light

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    Description - Swan-neck wall light

    Large waterproof silver-plated brass lamp, for outdoor or indoor use

    Very beautiful "swan's neck" light for outdoor use, but also to add a touch of charm to your bathroom, or above a console.

    Entirely made of silver-plated brass.

    Use a standard E27 large screw light bulb.
    Lamp power: up to 40 Watts. The brightness of a traditional light bulb of more than 100 Watts if you use a low-energy light bulb.
    • Swan-neck wall light
    • Large waterproof silver-plated brass lamp, for outdoor or indoor use
    • Very beautiful \
    • Entirely made of silver-plated brass
    • Miniature Swan-neck wall light 1
    • Miniature Swan-neck wall light 2
    • Miniature Swan-neck wall light 3
    • Miniature Swan-neck wall light 4

    Characteristics - Swan-neck wall light

    • Colour shades

      • Mouse grey #RAL. 7005

      We use RAL colours to show one or more coloured dots on a product.

      The screen can sometimes obscure the colour of a RAL dot and the colour can be misleading. You should use a colour chart.

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    • Materials Details

      • Easy to combine

      • Timeless aesthetic

      • 100% metal product

      • Silver finish

      • Glossy finish

      • Elements of brass

    • Weight

      • 2.54 kg
    • Product Dimensions Swan-neck wall light
      • a. 37 cm
      • b. 12.2 cm
      • c. 1.5 cm
      • d. 2.5 cm
      • e. 8.5 cm
      • f. 15 cm
      • g. 10 cm
      • h. 30.5 cm

    Other finishes - Swan-neck wall light

    This product also exists with other finishes

      • Swan-neck wall light XXL
      • Swan-neck wall light XXL

        £ 370

        Same finish but large version, 105 cm long

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    Client's advice - Swan-neck wall light

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    • The Swan-neck wall light on my little brand new terrace! It lights up our aperitifs ;-)

    Client feedbacks

    • From michel

      on 26/01/2017

      "Perfectly consistent with what I wanted"

    • From MURIEL

      on 25/08/2016

      "Very nice quality Aesthetics faithful to the photo Beautiful finish"

    • From ARNAUD

      on 06/02/2016

      "Very beautiful"

    • From Linda

      on 26/11/2015

      "The attachment points on the wall lamps should have buttonholes for optimal positioning - horizontal and vertical"

    About - Swan-neck wall light

    • Industrial style of the 20s and 30s

      In the 20s and 30s metal furniture began to find its place in interiors. The exteriors are also very strongly influenced by this trend as park benches, lanterns, advertising columns and chairs are constructed in the Luxembourg style. In factories the use of folding furniture, desk-side containers, metal wardrobes and furniture with metal pigeonholes starts to be used more and more. Because shortly after the demand for this furniture grew radically the methods of production were modernized. The first steel metal factories were established and they enhanced with the industrial style.

    • The selection of PIB

      Since 2010 PIB works together with suppliers with verified product quality. After sorting out the best products all of them fulfill our criteria's: Style, quality and timelessness. We observe the newest trends so that our style of decoration is always up to date. We combine the newest trends with the flair of the 20th century which makes our products timeless. Only suppliers which fulfill the criteria of style, esthetic and quality are being used for the production of our products.

    Mix and Match - Swan-neck wall light

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