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Miniature Xyleme portable table with handle ClippedXyleme portable table with handle£198
Xyleme portable table with handle
When practicality meets elegance

Xyleme portable table with handle


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When practicality meets elegance

A table to move according to your desires: with its sleek lines, this side table is equipped with a handle that extends the base to the centre of the tabletop. This makes it easy to move with one hand.

Xyleme portable table with handle

A mobile and well-finished table that adapts to your desires

It is composed of a thin round metal tray covered with a light oak leaf. The latter is varnished, which protects it from stains and reveals the natural lines of the wood. The natural crack in the wood has been filled with black and reminds us of the footing colour.

When practicality meets elegance

Perfectly vertical, the base is made up of three straight skids which ensure perfect stability of the table, underlined by its perfectly horizontal top. Of mid-century origins, this refined table will easily be placed into your interior.

Xyleme portable table with handleXyleme portable table with handleWhen practicality meets eleganceWhen practicality meets elegance
Product Dimensions Xyleme portable table with handle
  • a. 70 cm
  • b. 50 cm
  • c. 45 cm
  • d. 30 cm
  • e. 26 cm
  • f. 20 cm
  • g. 15 cm

Weight and Dimensions

  • 5,00 kg
  • 45,00 x 70,00 x 45,00 cm (Length x Height x Width)

Material Details

  • Unique piece
  • Easy to combine
  • Varnished finish
  • Oak wood
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