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Miniature Prestine hanging light ClippedPrestine hanging light£114£101 (-11%)
Beautiful suspension with industrial style.
A pretty chain accentuates the industrial side of the lamp.
Mesh lampshade with visible bulb.

Prestine hanging light

£114 £101 (-11%)

In stock, Ready for dispatch on Wednesday 26 February 2020

industrially styled lamp inspired by naval lighting

Made entirely made of metal, the Prestine hanging light resembles a lighting fixture you would commonly find in the engine room of a large boat or old factories. It consists of bluish-grey coloured grill made out of polished cast aluminium, which covers the lamp and acts as a decorative shade that protects the glass lampshade within.

Beautiful suspension with industrial style.

Careful metal design for a lamp with a unique design

From the top end the lamp is the cord which protrudes and leads to the ceiling. The cord is covered in a black fabric that is braided over the lamp. The cord is followed by a metal ringed chain which provides solidity and aesthetics. There is a metal cap that is included in order to conceal the enclosure on your ceiling.

Product Dimensions Prestine hanging light
  • a. 170 cm
  • b. 12.5 cm
  • c. 4 cm
  • d. 21 cm
  • e. 10 cm
  • f. 15 cm
  • g. 14 cm

Weight and Dimensions

  • 1,80 kg
  • 18,00 x 27,00 x 18,00 cm (Length x Height x Width)

Material Details

  • 100% metal product
  • Silver finish
  • Glossy finish
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From Maxime

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Very good quality

The ideal room according to PIB

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