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    Description - Prestine hanging light

    industrially styled lamp inspired by naval lighting

    Made entirely made of metal, the Prestine hanging light resembles a lighting fixture you would commonly find in the engine room of a large boat or old factories. It consists of bluish-grey coloured grill made out of polished cast aluminium, which covers the lamp and acts as a decorative shade that protects the glass lampshade within.

    From the top end the lamp is the cord which protrudes and leads to the ceiling. The cord is covered in a black fabric that is braided over the lamp. The cord is followed by a metal ringed chain which provides solidity and aesthetics. There is a metal cap that is included in order to conceal the enclosure on your ceiling.

    This industrial hanging light will add a touch of industrial design to your interior. Do not hesitate to use several of these lamps in a row above a bar or dining table, for a spectacular result.

    Works with an E27 screw base light bulb.

    • Prestine hanging light
    • industrially styled lamp inspired by naval lighting
    • Made entirely made of metal
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    Characteristics - Prestine hanging light

    • Colour shades

      • Pearl light grey #RAL. 9022

      • Pigeon blue #RAL. 5014

      We use RAL colours to show one or more coloured dots on a product.

    • Materials Details

      • 100% metal product

      • Silver finish

      • Glossy finish

    • Weight

      • 1.80 kg
    • Product Dimensions Prestine hanging light
      • a. 170 cm
      • b. 12.5 cm
      • c. 4 cm
      • d. 21 cm
      • e. 10 cm
      • f. 15 cm
      • g. 14 cm

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    About - Prestine hanging light

    • 19th century, industrial revolution

      Industrial furniture from the 19th century is exclusively devoted to the use of factories. The materials are robust and massif and the design is simple and functional. Wood and metal are the main materials that are used with the industrial style. During this industrial revolution a decorative movement found place with the motto: maintenance and adaptability.

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