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    PIB was founded because we couldn't find furniture which combined style & quality online. The products were either of bad quality or badly presented or in the middle of long lists with no stylish coherence .

    PIB selects and manufactures based on demanding criteria. Nobility of materials, finishes, with the consideration of the patina . We don't have an endless catalogue, but we provide a harmonious collection. We value quality over quantity.


    • Stylish furniture and a timeless quality

      • About 600 products designed and sorted by best picks:
      • 1. Products designed & produced with high standards (PIB)
      • 2. Products selected in factories that fulfill our criteria (PIB selections)
      • 3. Renowned brands of the deco world
    • Unparalleled customer service

      • With 18.4/20, we are proud to have the best grade in customer service in our sector
      • At PIB the approach to customer service is fast and free in order to answer all your decoration questions
    • Express shipping and returns

      • Continually, we keep 9 out of every 10 products in stock to be able to deliver your favorite products as fast as possible
      • If you are not happy with a product then the return is easy and transparent

    The PIB Style

    History of the brand

    History of the brand

    PIB is a small company which has assured its development since 2010 independently and with success

    • 18.09.2012

      PIB shooting by L.O.D.E Architecture - New Scandinavian collection

    • 05.08.2010

      PIB shooting always on the search for unusual environments

    • 12.08.2016

      Is there a better way to find a Shabby Chic style than shooting in a 17th century castle?

    • 02.05.2012

      Visit a factory - The colour demands a certain skill

    • 10.02.2013

      Impressions of the category PIB Londress - First trials

    • 05.04.2013

      A selection of power cables for lamps. Every detail counts

    • 23.04.2015

      PIB - First participation of the Tour de France automobile - Distinctive vintage Spirit

    • 10.09.2014

      Opening of our warehouse in Normandie with 5000 m2

    • 01.07.2010

      Our first office with 3 people...

    • 10.09.2010

      Our first fork-lift truck, 20 years old and already vintage...

    PIB in Europe

    Our Passions

    Our Passions

    Pictures from our clients

    • From Melinda

      the 18/08/2015

      The Doinel 70x70 table has the perfect dimensions for small spaces and provides an elegant industrial design, perfect to be placed in the living room without the clutter.

    • From Melinda

      the 18/08/2015

      The cabinet Mox is THE character piece I was searching for so long, its industrial style is reminiscent of flea markets and it has ideal dimensions for the entrance. Its generous storage space is very convenient.

    • From Jonas

      the 25/07/2015

      Thank you PIB for this beautiful architect's lamp!

    • From Melanie

      the 23/07/2015

      Refined d�cor, each drawer has its own treasure ... Thank you PIB for this chest of drawers.

    • From Charles-Henri

      the 08/07/2015

      Chairs Piramis in colour!

    • From Charles-Henri

      the 08/07/2015

      My Black Geneva armchair!

    • From Ross

      the 26/06/2015

      Silver-plated scissors wall lamps in the new kitchen!

    • From Ross

      the 26/06/2015

      Double silver-plated wall lamp in the new kitchen!

    • From Ross

      the 26/06/2015

      Black Edition factory pendant lights in the new kitchen!

    • From Anthony

      the 25/06/2015

      No more paper lying around in my kitchen with that magazine rack! Light and robust, it brings an industrial touch to my room. I adore it.

    The PIB Community


    They talk about us

    • PIB in Elle Decoration

      furniture selected with great care

    • PIB in art and decoration

      charm and design united with a vintage spirit

    • PIB dans Le Figaro

      High quality

    • PIB in univers maison

      vintage favourites desk

    • PIB in Maison Francaise magazine

      The industrial look needs to be associated with refinement

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