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    Photo Album "PIBers"

    Join the community and become a "PIBer"! Like all of our customers who send us photos of their PIB furniture installed at home, send a photo and receive a voucher worth ten gbp to use on your next order at our online store. Whether it is a detail of the room or a more predominant piece, your PIB furniture will join our guest book, and will allow other PIBers to find original decorative ideas. On this page, find more lovers of vintage decoration and share the result of your new decor!

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    • The Mox Cabinet

      From Christophe

      the 18/03/2018

      Practical with its wheels and beautiful in my interior!

    • Red Baron leather armchair

      From BERNARD

      the 03/03/2018

      Red Baron leather armchair

    • Jeweller's wall lamp

      From Christophe

      the 12/02/2018

      Superb Jeweller's wall lamps in my kitchen

    • Reclaimed elm wallpapering table

      From Fabienne

      the 11/02/2018

      A table: beautiful, massive and elegant at the same timeThe colour of the tabletop is darker than on the picture of the site

    • Olympia hand lamp

      From Emeric

      the 26/01/2018

      Olympia hand lamp

    • Ilbarritz lantern

      From Emeric

      the 26/01/2018

      Ilbarritz lantern

    • Round armchair Léonie

      From Julien

      the 16/01/2018

      Leonie armchairs for a chic corner

    • Warhos cabinet of drawers

      From Valentin

      the 01/01/2018

      Warhos cabinet of drawers

    • Desk Dabar

      From Rainer

      the 21/12/2017

      Stylish and practical: Dabar desk!

    • Wooden sideboard Balkis

      From Marta

      the 06/12/2017

      Retro bathroom

    • Large wallpapering table

      From Cécile

      the 14/10/2017

      A nice quality table to gather a lot of people!

    • 6 sections mirror 120 x 80 cm

      From Catherine

      the 05/10/2017

      The glass reflects the countryside

    • Lateque industrial seat

      From Sandra

      the 15/09/2017

      This nice stool joins the useful with the pleasant.

    • Reclaimed elm wallpapering table

      From Sandra

      the 15/09/2017

      Beautiful industrial style table. Everything we love !!

    • Bistro screw-based wall lamp

      From Nadine

      the 10/09/2017

      Beautiful lamps !!!!!

    • O'Toole storage box

      From Nadine

      the 10/09/2017

      Very nice storage box and also very practical, placed next to my computer, it allows me to have everything to hand

    • Raviya basket

      From Nadine

      the 10/09/2017

      Very nice bag to store the logs, gives a special touch to my living room, I warmed to it immediately

    • Multipl's Chair Vintage copper-coloured

      From Marine

      the 27/08/2017

      My 4 Multipl's Chair Vintage copper-coloured are the same as my Marseille tile! Warm ambiance.

    • Large Bamboo ceiling light

      From Marine

      the 27/08/2017

      And here is the Large Bamboo ceiling light just above my dining table. I just love it !

    • Gresskar pendant light

      From Marine

      the 26/08/2017

      Gresskar pendant light! Perfect combo with the crown molding! And the chimney glass. Thank you PIB!

    • Bistro screw-based wall lamp

      From Rosine

      the 17/08/2017

      Two Bistrot screw-based wall lamps that diffuse a pretty light on the colourful wall

    • 1969 TV console

      From Elettra

      the 08/08/2017

      Finally we start to furnish ... with the 1969 TV cabinet !!!

    • Skib pendant light

      From Léa

      the 06/08/2017

      Skib Pendant Light

    • Number 6 black weight

      From Michel

      the 19/07/2017

      The extra touch to complete the atmosphere;)

    • Industrial stool with crank

      From Michel

      the 19/07/2017

      Industrial stool with crank: industrial style per excellence!

    • Virgile Occasional Table

      From Marie-Pierre

      the 01/07/2017

      pretty and sturdy side table that fits all interiors

    • Cadé Table

      From Lyvia

      the 01/07/2017

      Cadé Table: beautiful in my living room, I love it!

    • Turner leather armchair

      From Adrien

      the 11/12/2016

      The harmony of leather thanks to the fauteuils "Turner" that match perfectly with the aged wood of the "New Soho coffeetable"Adrien

    • Railway carriage wall rack

      From RAMON

      the 02/12/2016

      My daughter is delighted with her coat rack. Thanks to P.I.B for this wonder.

    • Bistro-style wall lamp

      From Samuel

      the 18/11/2016

      Really love the old industrial look of the bistro wall lamps

    • Kerizel dining table

      From Thierry

      the 04/11/2016

      Kerizel dining table and multiple copper chairs: a beautiful mix

    • Geneva two-seater sofa

      From Thierry

      the 04/11/2016

      A new bookcase that fits with the Geneva couch couch and Virgile side table for an enjoyable reading environment.

    • Hamar armchair

      From Litizia

      the 04/10/2016

      My new leather furniture

    • Hamar Leather Sofa

      From Litizia

      the 04/10/2016

      My new leather furniture

    • Londress bench drawer

      From Thomas

      the 01/10/2016

      PIB console in Scandinavian style for a little relaxing corner in the living room.

    • Dumas armchair

      From CORINNE

      the 26/09/2016

      Relaxing moments in my classy Dumas armchair

    • Grey metal rack with 3 baskets

      From Mathilde

      the 19/09/2016

      Donegal lampshade and Table lamp Andersen, perfect combination in my living : Soft lighting, original.. Very nice products and quality!

    • Bistro screw-based wall lamp

      From Marie

      the 18/09/2016

      Super happy with these lights of very good quality!

    • Bistro screw-based wall lamp

      From Guillaume

      the 12/09/2016

      Very nice bistro lamps, beautiful patina and good quality products that reaches its purpose.

    • Recycled teak dining table

      From Charlotte

      the 23/05/2016

      Table, chairs and stools from PIB for a cozy kitchen!

    Whether you are an aficionado of industrial design or an enthusiast of Scandinavian decorations, here you will find other admirers of vintage decoration. Whether you choose a table, a light fixture, an accessory or any other decorative element, what we are interested in is the positioning of it in your home. A pair of new wall lamps in your room? By sending us a simple photo, you will receive a voucher valid for the whole site. We have photos from the four corners of Europe: France, Spain, United Kingdom, Italy ... Have you just created an industrial salon with a wooden and metal table and a club sofa? Have you added a Scandinavian console or coat rack in your entrance? Share the results of your new decor with the PIB community; Whether it's a simple addition or a complete makeover, each element has its importance in a harmonious interior decoration: similar materials, assorted colors, every detail brings a little extra to your room. Sometimes, there are few seemingly innocuous changes: some PIBers have sent us pictures of simple wall lamps or cushions that have transformed the style of their room. A metal workshop style ceiling lamp can be enough to give a retro feel, while a delicate ceramic clock can blend in a Scandinavian spirit theme. On this page, you can also find some decorative ideas for your own home: do not hesitate to look at the tips given by  our other PIBers!

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