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    Decorating tips -

    Home decoration : the colors for a home decoration


    Home decoration : the harmony of colors

    Once the home decoration style chosen for your interior, it is time to truly take time to find the colors you want see daily on your walls, floors and furniture.It is important to state the colors that will rythm our days in order to recognize our personal tastes, and be able to limit the risks of being bored by your interior.However, some rules have to be considered to avoid any bad step on the path to a perfect home decoration.

    For colors, one's taste might be totally different of another's, for example green, that can either calm or sadden, red that can be desired or annoying. One must choose between warm or cool colors.

    Hot tones, such as yellow or orange, are known to be extravagant and eccentricLes, and it is advised to set them gently and carefully in living rooms for a 100% retro cosy effect.Cool colors are more relaxing and incarnate nature, such as green or blue, that invite to calm in a home decoration.Intermediate shades, found by a cool and warm mixture, such as mauve, recall the romantism but also discretion.

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    Home decoration : the choice and use of colors

    More than just the first feeling brought by colors, it is necessary to take into account the home decoration that has been chosen to make the good choice of colors.In a cosy chic interior, go for sober colors such as beige or taupe, but for a boho chic style, you would rather go fore more warm and deep tones, such as safran or terracotta.

    The role of a color for the home decoration is also to build up spaces neatly.To set up a contrasted home decoration, each room can have different color themes, reminding its use : a natural blue in bathrooms, a cheerful red in a kitchen or living room, and a soft and reassuring green in bedrooms.

    The colors are also used to play with space, and create optical illusions that will hide a room's defects, or put forward interior's qualities.In a corridor, games of colors and patterns on walls will set a happy design to your home, and warm colors will leave a comfy and cosy feeling to your family.

    Feeling well thanks to colors is possible in many ways, but don't forget the 3 colors rule: no more than three colors to be used in an interior!

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