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Bringing Scandinavian Design to your interior

Article published on 20/01/2019
Article modified on 23/01/2022

Bringing Scandinavian design into your home.

In this short, informative article, you will find the main principles of this timeless Scandinavian design trend. It is a trend which combines perfectly a certain softness to natural design. Scandinavian decor is often described using two key words: minimalist and practicality. In order to understand Scandinavian design, it is important to understand these distinctions. Seen as the most essential of trends in contemporary society, the Scandinavian is based on simplicity while remaining very aesthetic. Here are our top tips for incorporating this Nordic style into your home.

The foundation of Scandinavian decoration

Best materials to be used

Materials are among the most important principles of Scandinavian decoration.

For example,solid wood is the main element used in a Scandinavian interior. It is used on floors, often in white colours to bring light to a room, but also on tables and storage units.

Fabric is also an important element since it has the ability to bring warmth to every home. Choose linen, cotton or thick mesh in the colours that best fit your interior design or pastel shades.

Color shades to be used

The variation ofcolour shades used in a Scandinavian interior are the key achieving a welcoming and soothing environment in the home.

For the most part, use pastel shades for the large spaces like floors and walls: white, beige and bright pastel.

You can harmonize with colors that are inspired by nature as green, blue and red. These colors can be accentuated on decorative accessories such as lighting, vases and on a sofa.

Furniture arrangement

For a good balance in a Scandinavian interior it is important to bring light through the correct positioning of furniture, whilst at the same time maintaining a cozy atmosphere.

In order to create an open space with a clean and fresh look which respects the foundations of Scandinavian decoration, take into account the topics of functionality and ergonomics.

Living rooms are spaces in which you converse with family and friends away from working environments.

A round coffee table or square coffee table and comfortable chairs are the most important elements in any living room. During the coldest seasons, use a carpet to make your living room more homely.

Nature must always be present in the materials you use but you should also buy real plants for a trendy, more natural look.

Scandinavian furniture

Go for uncluttered, natural and functional furniture

The utilisation of raw materials is very important in the field of Scandinavian furniture design. Placing large items next to each other provides you with a lot of storage space, but you can also find small decorative items that are made out of raw elements. For example vases, photo frames and candle holders.

The Scandinavian chair legs are another symbol of Nordic spirit, and they are used on all sorts of furniture types such as dining tables, coffee tables and TV stands. Their aerial and flared shape instantly recalls Scandinavian interiors.

The chairs that should be used around a table should be comfortable. Scandinavian chairs adapt to your back and stay in their shape. This is very convenient for dinners with your family and friends.

How to choose your Scandinavian sofa

In any interior, the furniture chosen is the most important thing. In a living room, the sofa is the most important feature, so you should choose that carefully. Scandinavian sofas have their own status as we have seen above, it is a style known for its comfort and efficiency.

First of all the sofa should be chosen with the right size, not too big to use too much space but also not too small.

A Scandinavian sofa is an investment, so choose a robust one in order to guarantee a sustainable purchase. Sustainability is key in Nordic decoration.

Choose a natural color, such as grey, white or beige. The implementation of cushions helps to complete the Scandinavian look.

A Scandinavian Look for your interior

Choosing your lamps

As a reminder, Scandinavian design comes originally from a country where light is rare, therefore it is necessary to find other sources of light.

Luckily, there is nothing more warm than using golden light sources in a living room or a bedroom.

Try to incorporate a small lamp to put on a console, a floor lamp in a reading corner, a hanging light above your dining table, or a chain of lights around a window.

Scandinavian lighting is often made from wood, glass, plastic or metal. The style is recognisable immediately.

Focus on white but also printed furniture

White and pastel colours, as we know, are very important in a Scandinavian interior. These colours are used to enlarge and illuminate the look and feel of your home.

Printed fabrics are also important to achieve an appealing atmosphere, through the choice of carpets, cushions or plaids.

The colors of Scandinavian prints are mostly cold natural tones such as blue (for water), orange (for the sun) and brown (for the soil of the earth).

Select an original wall decoration

Although we like the timeless style of Scandinavian interior furniture, with its iconic, natural materials and shapes, it is important not to forget to incorporate accessories. Wall space provides you with an opportunity to personalise your home. In the bathroom, you should place some real plants on the windowsill, bringing natural spirit to an otherwise cold space. In the entrance hall or bedrooms, it is always a good idea to place mirrors of different sizes on the walls or on the floor space. Wallpaper is essential in Scandinavian interior design and it has the ability to change the atmosphere of a room. A net can be placed over your bed. This creates a warm, protected feel and environment whilst also being a popular trend today.

As we have seen, the Scandinavian decor is a mixture of sobriety and warmth in pastel colours and with natural materials.

The combination of all this will make your home a warm and welcoming place whilst enhancing comfort.

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