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Scandinavian design, trendy Nordic decor for modern homes

Article published on 17/12/2012

Scandinavian design, the natural home décor style from Nordic interior design

Scandinavian design is one of the trendiest interior design styles around today. Minimalist designs, clean shapes, vivid colours, this Nordic design movement is very popular and has an excellent reputation in Europe.

A major actor in Scandinavian interior design: Finland

The Finns are well-known for their strength of character, a strength reflected in their adaptability, a product of the difficult conditions they have to contend with in day-to-day life. Occupied for many years by their powerful neighbours, Sweden and Russia, the Finnish people are used to having to make compromises.

However, they are confident and innovative, creating a distinctively Finnish kind of know-how in the sphere of the home and arts and crafts. Finland finally became an independent country, but the legendary tenacity and modesty of the Finnish people has remained undimmed and very much reflects the diversity of their particular take on Scandinavian interior design. Their determined approach, which sees every obstacle in their path dealt with systematically, has greatly enriched the way they go about the creative and design process.

Nordic design and the influence of the natural world

The country is located in one of the most northerly polar regions in the world and its territory consists largely of forest composed of all sorts of tree species, including ones which are particularly robust and easy to work - ideal materials for Scandinavian design. This natural environment with its very tough living conditions led the Finns to approach Scandinavian design with a great deal of innovation, fuelled by the requirements of adapting to a harsh climate.

A lack of financial resources and materials forced the Finns to develop highly-efficient ways of producing all the objects and furniture used in their homes. Their close bond with the natural world has resulted in a Scandinavian design school that is characterized by organic, elegant lines, for a decorative approach that is closely attuned to the Nordic spirit.

Scandinavian decor: A successful 21st century design approach

Today, Scandinavian decor is internationally recognized and greatly-appreciated by the best interior designers. Scandinavian designs have been quick to adapt to modern manufacturing processes, such as bentwood techniques.

In the middle of the 20th century, the mass production of furniture saw the adoption of new materials such as fibreglass and Perspex. At the time, designers had one overriding concern - how to design quality mass-produced furniture items. This is how this style of interior design became one of the most popular of all.

The Scandinavian movement: encapsulating the spirit of the north

Despite its minimalist look, Scandinavian design is very popular because of the warmth that it radiates throughout every room. Wood is usually the best material for making furniture like a modern style scandinavian side table, armchairs and scandinavian chairs, modern shelves and even modern bar stools in a nordic style! It is particularly appreciated for a scandinavian desk as well, and it is sometimes even used for the nordic modern wall lights that will enlighten your rooms, wether it is a living room or a bedroom. However, fabric further accentuates the Scandinavian character of such furniture, particularly on a modern sofa.

Colours are generally drawn from a smallish palette of beige, brown and white, although some brighter shades like reds and oranges will bring a touch more liveliness to your home.

Another essential element in the creation of your Nordic-look interior is lighting. In this case, light is principally used to create atmosphere. Scandinavian lighting is considered to be design objects in their own right. Soft lighting is ideal for creating the perfect Scandinavian atmosphere. A modern style scandinavian ceiling light, nordic modern wall lights and even lanterns - all in a wide variety of different models - are available, all that's left for you to do is to find the Scandinavian lamp in our selection that suits you best!

To finish your décor, don't forget the all-important accessories which will play a major role in creating your Scandinavian look. Mirrors, pillows, dishware, clocks - all will help set off your décor to its best advantage and enable you to add your own personal touch to your interiors.

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4,8/5,0Unrivalled customer satisfaction

15 Days of sofas
and armchairs

Up to 30% off all our sofas and armchairsWhile stocks last