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5 Tips for choosing a TV Sideboard

Article published on 30/11/2017

tips on how to choose a TV console

As a central element of the living room, the tv sideboard occupies a crucial place, no matter what the style of your decor is. It should therefore be selected very carefully to create an atmosphere that really meets your expectations. To help you choose your vintage tv unit, here are some tv sideboards ideas in the form of five tips that will guide you !

1. Choose with style

Whether you prefer the Scandinavian style or vintage deco, the living room is a room where you will usually always spend a lot of time, so it is important that it can satisfy your desires to feel good spending time in there. Always consider some essential tv sideboards ideas when you make your choice! Above all, it is important to think about what kind of atmosphere you are trying to create: Shall it be a cocooning ambience or rather a retro-chic one? Do you wish to create an authentic or a contemporary design? Depending on the direction you choose, your choice for the right vintage style tv cabinet may change significantly.

For a contemporary living room decor, a modern media unit is a guarantee of quality: Generally quite low and long, it will give a special design touch to the room. A white tv console with a refined finish can be a wise choice and will keep a luminous atmosphere in the living room. If you prefer a sober aesthetic and finesse, a black media shelf as a versatile model will adapt to all types of interiors. Considering general tv sideboards ideas, you can apply particular advice as an essential guideline when choosing a tv unit furniture.

If you are looking for a specific retro tv stand or an element to enhance the vintage atmosphere, the industrial tv console is often a good option: As typical for wooden tv units, tv cabinets or wooden sideboards, an industrial tv console has a very authentic look which is created by the application of weathered metal. It can easily be combined with a coffee table of the same style and a leather sofa.

2. Pay attention to the choice of materials

The materials used to design your vintage tv furniture ensure both a unique style and optimal durability. Solid wood is a safe bet that will adapt to modern interiors as well as to bohemian countryside atmospheres. A teak tv unit is very popular as a versatile choice which is durable over a long time, just as solid oak for an elegant oak furniture tv unit. Another option is the pine tv stand, which is generally better suited for "cozy" environments, while the solid teak is more industrial.

Beside wood tv units, it is not uncommon to use a metal tv stand in loft interiors: The combination of the two materials is common and it creates a retro look. Essential tv sideboards ideas also advice you to keep in mind that beyond the purely aesthetic aspect, the materials of used are also a guarantee of durability and quality. Most of the time, vintage tv stands are easy to maintain. Remember that the care given to the finish of every piece can make the difference between a piece of furniture that will not last very long and another one that will last for many years without losing its style.

3. Do not forget the practicality !

The functional aspect also needs to be considered when choosing your tv furniture design! Some modern tv unit designs can be used to store many items, including dishes or sheets (but also CDs or DVDs, if you have them). With their drawers and their compartments, the piece of furniture can be used as a low sideboard or usual tv console, according to the chosen height.

In Interiors with little space only, tv sideboards ideas suggest to choose a large tv console that avoids having an additional large sideboard in the salon. Be careful not to choose a model that is too low so it offers only little storage space: a higher and more imposing model will offer you more storage options.

Another aspect about practicality is that some models are equipped with grommets to prevent unsightly wires since this could break the balance of your decor. These small accessories are therefore practical for both the aesthetics of the room and to hold your cables.

4. Place your furniture judiciously

If you spend a lot of sitting opposite of the vintage tv stand, the height of the furniture and its location can have a direct impact on your comfort and your health. Consider that tv sideboards ideas also focus on aspects of practicality, not only matters of design. Generally, the higher a TV stand is, the more distance needs to be put between it and your couch: If your console unit is placed too close to you, you risk stretching your neck unnaturally, and therefore ? in the long term ? putting your health in danger. Once seated comfortably on your couch, your eyes should automatically focus about half of the screen so you do not have an uncomfortable position. In order to protect your eyes, note that if you have a plasma TV, you have to think about installing it further away than a conventional TV.
The location of your tv cupboard may also affect your viewing comfort: if your TV on the television stand is placed too close to a window or at the wrong angle, undesired reflections may occur.

5. Think about your decorative accessories

A usual tv cabinet is often long enough to accommodate both the TV itself and some decorative accessories. Remember that tv sideboards ideas suggest this as an opportunity to come decorate your living room with elements that emphasize the character of the room. If you like Scandinavian design for example, you can put a vase with retro patterns next to your TV on a modern tv unit, or in an open compartment. If you prefer a loft atmosphere, a patinated metal lamp will be the most beautiful accessorize in addition to your furniture in wood and metal!

VYou can also play with symmetry by choosing to place the same accessory on each side of your TV (if you have enough space), or prefer a less rigid aesthetic by placing an accessory on one side only.

What you should remember

The choice of the perfect piece of media furniture is not easy: many aspects need to be taken into account; including the style, location or height of your new furniture. Finally, as essential for tv sideboards ideas, it is important to visualize what you are looking for in advance to then let yourself be inspired by the different models you can find. Trust your instinct!

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