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8 Inspiring Ideas To Mix Interior Styles

Article published on 30/01/2022

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The chosen interior styles determine the flair of an interior - a beautiful interior decoration and its ambience are based on the choice and combination of certain furniture, accessories, matching colours ... The considerations for home design ideas for your house interior decoration can be endless. But why should one have to commit to exactly one interior style? Of course, the elements should fit in a certain way: The idea is to successfully create contrasts to balance the components instead of dismantle harmony incoherently ... Sounds good, but also quite difficult? You would like to find your personal interior design style but you are wondering where the interior design inspiration should come from without a clear starting point?! For this we have come up with some guidelines that should be considered....Since there are many ideas of interior design, here are some inspiring approaches. According to the saying "RULE No. 1: There is no right or Wrong, every free spirit should feel invited to choose the interior design styles and the elements that feel to be suitable for the interior to be decorated. Because "right" is what feels good...Voilà, our design tips for your personal home design ideas why and how to combine interior styles:

1-Understanding the effect of colours

Colours evoke an association or a feeling - this is for example how one associates red with passion. Trendy interior styles often contain some consistent colours which gives the style a whole context of linked feelings to one's perception of the look. The idea is to understand what colors stand for, what moods they may enhance/ what feelings they may support. One shall then wisely select 1-3 continuous colours for 1 decoration. These main colors can be considered as some fixed factors as in characteristics for the overall design. Considering the interior as an interaction of "ambience creating elements" and remembering that you as a person experience combinations of various feelings that make you human, with many different character traits that make you the person you are. And same goes for your home design ideas, when you start thinking in these terms: A Scandinavian interior design is characterized by pastel colors, while industrial interior styles often contain a lot of displaying many dark colors such as graphite black through metal finish. Once you understand this first point, you will see that when you learn how to decorate your home, it all begins with the right colour choice to match and reflect your personality in the look of your modern interior decoration!

2-Taking account of coherent sizes

Essential home design ideas tell you that one key consideration that also many design blogs advice you to is to choose suitable, corresponding sizes of furniture pieces. Creating a harmony of matching forms and well considered proportions throughout furniture sets will make one's life a lot easier! Remembering that all elements within a decor correspond to each other, it becomes quite obvious that a table lamp should be selected in adaption to the table size. This is because lamp is meant to enhance the visual look of the table, rather than stealing its show by being over-sized. In order to embrace the ambience with enough creativity among the interior, think about mixing styles to improve a well balance of variety beside the coherence of corresponding forms and colours!

3-Identify modern designs

An essential question to be asked is: Which house decor interiors are there? Well, how many home style blogs or design magazines would probably tell you, there is a large variety of interior design styles. In order to find your favourite one(s), one first needs to understand what home design types are there, in order to find the right house design inspiration with the help of our home design ideas: Voilà, three latest trends in popular living styles:
1) The industrial interior style, which is rather minimalistic and reminds of old French factories

2) The scandinavian design style, modern designs with elegant lines

3) The shabby chic style, romantic and similar to the style of English cottage houses.
It can be good to consider mixing styles based on these interior design trends when you style your home, to actually to maximize the character of your modern interior. In this sense, you create a maximum of interesting attributes to personalize your home decor with original interior home styles!

4-Material mix for an extraordinary Interior

Solid wood, metal, velvet ... Three materials that are very popular when it comes to designing a vintage interior. And: One material does not create as much originality for the furniture looks, as the combination of several ones do. Important to notice in home design is the fact that different interior styles are often characterized by the use of typical materials for each style: A bright wooden finish is can often be found in an scandinavian home design, while metal is a significant material for a industrial style interior design. And this leads to the main thought, one that is essential for home design ideas, you may realise that you often directly mix different interior styles when you start to mix different materials!

5-Building relationships between furniture pieces

...And create associations. Look at your furniture as individual building pieces that have relationships with each other. More diverse, more interesting relationships are created when the interior design decoration comprises of elements with corresponding proportions from different design style - Another good advice about interior designs useful for home interior decorators. So the idea is to create a unique harmony of the components: Get inspired by home design ideas which define a harmonic interior as a good composition of individual elements, rather than a combination based on jumbling those randomly into one picture!

6-Two stories tell more than just one story

Mixing different design accents show courage to variety. Sobriety, elegant or romantic designs ...All these attributes can be significant for vintage furniture style and interior decors. Try to think like in real life: As great interiors tell stories and by knowing that storytelling can contain more than one, maybe like two or three exiting stories that all give special insights, every single story stands for something. In some cases, one could say that more character can be revealed by combining different elements of content. Starting to consider styles as content, as stories, one may realize - just as in real life - that it is probably more exciting to tell two or three stories than one only, isn't it?!

7-Seeing interior decorating as a form of art

As with many things, it's fun to create and try out something. As many home design ideas often tell, mixing different interior design styles is a form of creative expression. Any truly great artist has been eager and pleased to find his own individual style, and this one usually does not consist of prescriptive corresponding attributes... Basically, interior designs express the unique style, the style and design language of the decor's creator... Discover your own style and, above all, do not forget the most important thing: It's a lot of fun!

8-It is MY Interior

Finally, the well-known question how to design a room leads to another question: What do you want to show with your interior home design? The general motto should be: My living style is more than just the outcome of the design of an interior: The chosen furniture pieces, accessories and colours as the driving forces of the ambience represent an expression of your personality.So ask yourself, for example, what do the furniture that I choose stand for? Do I have furniture that I have explicitly brought home from certain trips that reflect travel memories? Or do I want to focus on trends and design? As mentioned before, when I choose new furniture to complement the interior, mixing can be inspiring. Because at the end, an Interior reflects your interests, your personality... And to be honest: Your personality probably also builds up among more than one area of interest only, doesn't it?

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